Pitbulls claim another victim in the Bronx

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  1. This isn't the dogs fault, or the breed. This is owners and they should be criminally charged. Its like training a 4-5 year old human child to stab people on command, can't blame the child.

  2. OP you need to put a fucking NSFW tag on this shit what's the matter with you

  3. Will remain one of the most iconic moments in rock history. Love his look that said “oops did I just upstage you? Not sorry!” And Harisson’s son was blown away

  4. Where the fuck did the guitar land when prince throws it?

  5. Having fulfilled its purpose, the guitar simply ceased to exist.

  6. Camera man playing both sides well 😂

  7. If you want people to reply politely to you, be polite yourself.

  8. It's important to respect people's lifestyle choices, regardless of gender / sexuality etc.

  9. Yeah, that would have been interest also. But it feels like this would have been posted before.

  10. It's not possible to post videos from the future yet, unfortunately.

  11. Interesting. Holding the neck and joints of another person is aggressively dominant behaviour. Not a good indicator... 👏

  12. I've played guitar over 2 decades. Not once have I heard anyone rank him above Hendrix.

  13. this fucking guy...I laugh hard every single time I see this posted. the fact that being called bald made that switch go off like that is just hilarious

  14. Yo you just made me spray coffee on my laptop

  15. It would help inform a practical answer were you to define what it is you mean by "tailspin."

  16. Yeah. I don't mean economics - that sort.of stuff comes and goes for all countries, doesn't it?

  17. This does nothing to elucidate the impetus of your query.

  18. All the rabid factionalism. The doddering President. The Trump horror show.

  19. Heard the saying 'if life gives you lemons, make lemonade'?

  20. I assume that's why they're doing it,.was just wondering if they're correct.

  21. Im just curious, does OP think her butt crack looks satisfying or what?

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