1. We’ve been hearing this “we were unlucky” shit for 13 games now. There’s a reason teams cant hit 3s against us and it isnt luck.

  2. I am here just ate. .2ish capsule. Fuck your world

  3. I'm jealous...I bet you feel great and I just fucking laughed at your username! I bet Santa is autistic!

  4. As fuck. I'm building a rolling barn door today

  5. That doesn't sooo sound bad to do tweaked out and it sounds like you live in bumfuck nowhere like me. Idk are there more rural tweakers or more urban... Well at Least I live in a pretty rural area with a lot of cows(women and the livestock hehe), so there are barns/farms everywhere and you can spot the tweakers as easy as the farms. Best to stick to the shadows as to not be spotted my friend just remember not to interact with them :)

  6. Corpse dupe still works on PC should work on console as well.

  7. Works in multiplayer only, but still this method works on xbox.

  8. Ok you'll need 1 friend, and I'll make you host in the scenario.

  9. Ooops sadly doesn't work in offline play(Splitscreen) since both players are kind of host.

  10. Currently ending day 4 of my hexathalon. Slept 11hrs yday with some etiz so I'm good as new

  11. Binging on hexen is so fun...Got so fucked with a group of friends and my noggin was still firing on all cylinders on end of day 2. I thought about vaping, but it seems a waste.

  12. Yeah, longest binge i've ever had was ~60 hours. I remember laying on my bed, texting my girlfriend, and I suddenly got crazy tunnel vision and felt like I was being launched into space; scared the shit out of me, lol. After I calmed down from that, I remember seeing a very transparent shadow person slowly moving towards me. I didn't freak out, as I knew it was just a hallucination, but it did scare me into going to bed (out of fear of stimulant psychosis mainly).

  13. lucky you! Just kidding, that sounds insane. Weird shit happens on binges for sure. My pals and I all jabber on like idiots by day 2/ making little sense. Great fun! Also any cop you see is coming to arrest your ass bro! Don't binge on 3-FPM because that shit set on early for me!

  14. Honestly both. Sometimes I'll do a line and feel like the man, sometimes I get kind of anxious but not overwhelming.

  15. Yep, it's all about vibing with stims. Sometimes they go sometimes they don't.

  16. Yes, but you won't like being told the truth.

  17. His jumper is smooth as butter. It's really fun to watch.

  18. Jerebko finally showing up. Maybe Kelly stealing his spot has motivated him.

  19. Because bruh he's ugly and he's orange and his hair and his cock is small

  20. Yep. I didn't expect to see it in this subreddit. I guess it is reddit though.

  21. Pull up threes are so annoying when they don't go in...

  22. okay so isaiahs strip isnt a kick ball and our ball then. But the fastbreak swipe by Smart is a foul. Why is it that every game we get shitted on by reffs.

  23. Nah. You can't look at free throws and say the refs were worse for one team. And I'm not talking about the game overall. But our best player was taken out out of almost 2 full quarters by the refs. Butler averages like 2 fouls a game.

  24. We watched the game. You cleary only remember paying attention to when bulls players got called for a foul. Shit happened to us way more. Especially in the first half. We had guys about to foul out.

  25. Well yeah, I'm sure any team would be happy with a possession ending with an Amir Johnson 3-pointer. He gets those 4 shots in a typical game and he makes 1, maybe 2. Those extra makes tonight were ultimately the difference in the game. Kind of an extreme version of what Wade did against you guys last week.

  26. So were the bazillion free throws you guys took in the first half. If being honest we played better and you guys played worse. THAT would be like me saying the only reason you guys won the first game is because Rondo and wade were shooting unreal from three. No, we didn't play good defense and you guys out-rebounded us too.

  27. Smart and Bradley prove once again they're both GOAT defenders.

  28. Tall people are privileged. White people not really... Has there existed white privilege? Yes, actually. Does white privilege exist now? Not in any real way. White privilege is a myth in its modern form because it is simply a falsehood. I am, because of my White racial background, no more privileged than anyone else. ‘Then how can anyone legitimately make such an accusation’? The simple answer is that they are idealists.

  29. greens playing really well! can't believe people were calling for him to get cut

  30. Just like they should have waited with their comments you probably should too. I hear he is...Streaky.

  31. This is what they do to me. Nice and talkative off stims. Overbearing when on them. I get pissy when I tweak with friends and they can't keep up sometimes lol. I'm good at controlling the urge to an extent with sober people though.

  32. This was an excellent post. I will say one of the things I do like when sleep deprived and stimmed is the creativity. I'm a creative guy, but the thought pattern is just altered when Sleep deprived and I usually get more giddy and exciteable than I do when well rested (I tend to act like a robot,which is nothing like my sober self but I'm cool with that too.)

  33. I personally enjoy it less. The focus and clarity vanish on day 3, and while I still have fun it is of the mindless variety.

  34. Yeah, that's actually a good way of summing it up. I probably enjoy it slightly less, but I still enjoy in that mindless autopilot kind of high every now and then. But yeah, the main reason I take stims is for the focus and clarity(the high!) and Sleep deprivation kinda kills those two effects to an extent.

  35. They can be manageable and not bad If I'm in my house just chilling coming down or something, but If I got shit to do and I'm scatterbrained and my heart is still beating fast, while also being irritable and not wanting to talk it can be pretty miserable. It's worse on DRI like 4F-MPH because the comedown is almost as long as the high and the norepinephrine makes you feel stimulated and shitty in the body. It really depends on the drug and the setting if they are bad or not for me and of course the amount I did is obviously a factor.

  36. Yeah it has a good short lived high, but the comedown is even worse than ritalin in my experience. That's probably a good idea, since there are so many stims that are better with less of a comedown.

  37. much much easier said than done, everybody thinks their guy on their team will be the one who can make this transformation, the vast majority dont

  38. When Smart first came into the league I was amazed at how well he shot threes. He got injured and then couldn't hit threes to save his life. His shot already looks better and I think he'll be a decent 3 point shooter and most people know how valuable his defense is.

  39. Lmao butthurt celtic fans are gonna love this.

  40. You sound Like the one who's butthurt over losing a good player and getting a washed up Superman.

  41. Washed up superman did better than Horford last year though.

  42. We obviously didn't get a high enough pick to get those guys and I'm excited about Brown's future on this team. He looks legit. And that was last year sooo your point? His athleticism is going to keep on declining.

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