1. Does Aim Snap only effect your aim while you're aiming at an enemy? Because if so I have the drifting problem all the time not just when I'm looking at an enemy

  2. Another difference between the versions is in the last gen version the MCS 880 is dog shit in last gen. I'm not sure if its been fixed as I haven't used it since the 1.2 patch (I'm never touching that pile of dogshit again after getting it teir 1 lmao)

  3. I tend not I play Sniper roles, any tips for that?

  4. As someone with every sniper and the lever action at teir 1 id suggest looking on here for a couple threads that posted about all the bullet drop for each sniper and how much you have to lead when they're walking and running at different ranges. Like I said I highly suggest checking them out but other than that I'd play offline bots to learn the SWS untill you unlock the DXR, then you should learn that rifle either against bots or just in a regular lobby since you should be alot more comfortable with sniping once you unlock it

  5. Look into the race of the people committing the crimes against asians and youll learn why the media isn't talking about it. Here's a hint, it ain't white people doing it

  6. At the same time they learn that they don't need to scrap every single quality of life upgrade they made in the current game when they're making the new one... so never

  7. I will if you stop violently crying for hours about how big of victims the poor people who broke the law on January 6th are.

  8. You mean like how you're violently crying that ever single person involved with J6 is some horrendous monster? Lmao get out of here with your bullshit man

  9. I'm sorry. Did I set up a fake diorama of a prison cell in the middle of a political convention and hire an actor to cry for literally hours on end in the middle of it?

  10. Nah but you are sperging out in the comment section. Also when did I say i was a conservative? Lmfao since when does not wanting people who where peaceful and invited in to go to jail make someone a conservative. Try again

  11. Dudes brain is mush and the less the public sees him the less chance he has to inevitably make a fool of himself. Either that or for his "studder" he had when he was a child, that has been fixed, to magically come back and says something like "badacafcare" or "truenashadapressure" because every one knows a studder causes you to make up totally new words that sound like a conglomerate of jumbled up words.

  12. honestly, based on the ‘controlled opposition’ comment, i would say these downvotes are bots.

  13. Considering I made a comment about this being nothing new to people who've known of Jones for a while and its at -3 but then there's comments saying the exact same thing as I said that have like +6 I definitely think your bot hypothesis has some merit

  14. Considering everyone who is a fan of Jones has known this since 2017because he's stated on more than one occasion, on his own show nonetheless, that he was wrong about this. This isn't some "gotcha" moment its more of a "I haven't done any research into this case or person im trying to smear" moment

  15. Weird, I didn't know If a kid came in and told you they "100000% have ADHD" and to "just trust them" it was illegal to tell them to tell the child otherwise

  16. Except in Canada it's illegal to do anything other than "gender affirming care" if a kid goes to their therapist or doctor etc. And says they're trans. Now I know there a bunch or articles from liberal leaning sources, but some rando on the internet told me it's not happening, so I guess that's reality, but hey, atleast you agree it's weird

  17. It could be anything. Just show SOME effort. Like the ten year montage or a drinking episode. Feels like the guys put little to no effort other than turning on their cameras. By their own admission, they can’t even be bothered to TEXT DEREK an address to send guests free Lock and Load, so they literally just stopped offering.

  18. Where did they admit they can't be bothered to text Derek to get their guests some lock and load? That's kinda fucked up if true

  19. Brandon Herrera nearly blew himself up less than a week ago

  20. And youtube took it down. Sadly we're not in 2010 anymore so even if Kyle could make a comeback as FPSRussia, his videos would have to follow the same style as current Guntuber videos

  21. Alex Stein is funny and would fit in well in theory but I think woody might try to focus on politics a bit too much.

  22. Of course Woody would just wanna talk politics but that would be the best part because Alex would just troll the ever loving shit out of him

  23. So people will just attack restaurant workers? This is normal in these urban environments? I guess McDonalds needs security

  24. As someone who worked at a McDonalds, yeah people do randomly just attack/ throw things at restaurant workers. We actually had to get security also. Glad I'm not working there anymore lmao

  25. Well considering anything not woke is "far-right", I'm not concerned about a sudden surge of young neo nazis

  26. You know, I've heard this rumor from a bunch of places... except Rockstar. I haven't heard them giving any hints the next game is gonna be woke so I'm waiting untill THEY (Rockstar) say stuff about GTA 6

  27. Don't shoot as soon as you lock on. Many heli pilots will flair as soon as the lock on is complete, so I'll lock on, wait till the helicopter uses its flairs, then I reobtain the lock, then fire. It also helps if you target a helicopter that's already in a fight with another heli as when you lock on, theyll more than likely think its the other helicopter trying to lock onto them so they won't run away after flairing

  28. Idk why people think driving high is equivalent to driving drunk

  29. Honestly the snipers barely have any bullet drop so I don't think we need that feature in 2042 even though I used it all the time in 4. Not to mention DICE would inevitably fuck it up

  30. OP is probably 16 and only ever had beer before. That's called a chaser because alcohol tastes like shit. Show me someone who says they like the taste of alcohol and I'll show you a liar

  31. I second Theories of The Third Kind. Their episodes are the perfect length to fall asleep to. I still miss Ana though

  32. She left to do her own thing. I don't think there's any bad blood between them though. Also Hans got kicked off because he was dating 2 listeners so they put him on a suspension and while he was on suspension people came forward with allegations of something. I'm not sure what he did but it was probably along the lines of grooming/soliciting minors (there is 0 proof of this, its just my theory) for him to get kicked off the show.

  33. What his past with Alex? I'm genuinely curious as I thought they where just "freinds" (aka someone who Joe knows/has had a conversation with before)

  34. "Here look at this left wing publication, polling left winged individuals about a postiotion the left wing holds! Clearly everyone thinks this way"

  35. It’s funny, he talked about this with Andrew Shultz. People get pissed at Rogan because he relates to the right and the left, but people want him to be both feet in with all the policy choices of one side. It’s possible to have mixed beliefs. It’s possible to want universal healthcare while simultaneously believing in 2nd amendment rights. It’s possible to be pro abortion while also wanting a smaller federal government. It possible to want a well funded welfare program while also wanting incentives to work. The current politics climate is way to black and white, and as a result nothing will be done.

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