1. Since Colombia won’t win Copa America I hope Brazil will win it just so Neymar can be happy and Messi already got his sadly Neymar couldn’t in 2019 or 2021

  2. Sami pins Jey to win the tag titles at WM

  3. Roman then berates Jey for being a loser on night 2 and then Jey turns on Roman vs Cody and Roman loses thus ending the blood line

  4. Neymar will probably leave in the summer, maybe Messi as well

  5. MLS CUP, World Series, and Super Bowl in the span of 3 months for Philadelphia damn.....

  6. Historically speaking what would you say are the top 10 most iconic stadiums in UEFA?

  7. Think that’s spot on tbf.

  8. Maybe Benfica stadium missing and Olympic stadium in Berlin but yeah

  9. PSG-Bayern-Liverpool-Real Madrid all struggling ahead of UCL...

  10. Paulie is getting sleazier every day. No way this ends the way Roman wants it to.

  11. If Brazil wins Copa America 2024 and Neymar plays a big part will he cry tears of joy like Messi and Ronaldo did after winning their continental titles đŸ€”

  12. After giving them Casemiro when can now tell Manchester United we are even after them giving us CR7 in 2009 tbh

  13. Should replace the Copa America trophy with the Copa America Centenario trophy. Gold trophy> Silver trophy

  14. Meh the man is gonna be paid 200 million at 38 years old i doubt he gives a shit anymore

  15. Yeah but ultimately it doesn't change anything regarding their careers....

  16. CONMEBOL cree en grande only means by lining up your pockets...

  17. Seriously, what happened with the host rotation order? The 2024 Copa América should been played in Ecuador and the 2028 one in Uruguay.

  18. Wiki says 2028 will be in Paraguay and idk why [I blame Dominguez]

  19. Imagine if the Europa League final was played in Azerbaijan.

  20. CONMEBOL - Cree en grane si creyendo en grande significa mas plata

  21. Jesse Marsch is gonna get sacked in a month and Leeds United will face a relegation battle with a lot of USA players...

  22. Too busy focusing on provoking the opposition

  23. Man over here really justifying Vini dealing with racism lmao

  24. I will never understand how Argentina fans just completely hijacked supporting Barca. All 3 Rs played for Barca at some point, Ronaldinho made the club relevant before Pep took over; yet 99% of Arg fans I have seen also are fans of Barca and automatically assumes that all Brazil supporters support Madrid and all Madrid supporters are fans of Brazil. So fucking annoying.

  25. Tbf to Madrid Roberto Carlos, Ronaldo, Kaka, Robinho, Marcelo, Casemiro, Militao, Rodrygo, and Vinicius have all played for us over the last 25 years.

  26. Thought this was Neymar for a second and my heart dropped tbh

  27. I thought he was gonna go to Chelsea or did that fall through?

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