1. Hi, things will get better. I'm praying for you- God is powerful!! going to DM you as well

  2. Yep! Everything for me. Even when I would smoke weed, I would hardly get high. Adderall stopped working, headache meds, sleeping pills, anti depressants you name it lol

  3. how did the adderall work for you? I'm seriously considering taking ADHD meds feel like it might be making my depression worse!

  4. For me it’s a complete life saver. I stopped taking my anti depressant years ago so I’m not overlapping any meds like my comment probably made it seem 😅 but I only take 5-10 mg when I just can’t seem to function properly, not every single day although I would like to. I’m too worried about the shortage and not being able to get it refilled.

  5. Does it increase your anxiety? I did not know it's only supposed to be taken when needed!

  6. I'ts very rare for me for example the symptoms to stop when I start bleeding. It may be less but it's still there. Then it heightens again during ovulation..

  7. About the 2nd or 3rd day I start to feel more leveled out.. still really Lethargic, and kind of tearful but not as much.. and the loud intrusive thoughts because a few notches quieter

  8. I'm curious to know how the wave feels for you- I can relate my symptoms will show up at the most random times when I least expect it..

  9. Usually I can’t tell but today I just got super depressed after I was just super happy 15 min prior. So now that I know I have PMDD I am starting to identify what everything feels like. LOTS of introspection.

  10. changes every single month, sometimes during period- sometimes before.. sometimes during ovulation.

  11. Yes I think PMDD doesn't always end right when the period starts, for some people there's an overlap. What matters is that it follows the menstrual cycle.

  12. yeah I don't think hormones work like that "oh since I started bleeding now I'm going back to normal.."

  13. I'm sorry that happened. I have had bad psych ward experiences too. When they pop up for me I try to do grounding exercises or something to remind me that I'm not in that situation anymore. For example, making decisions that I couldn't make there like choosing where to go, what to wear or even eating something I like.

  14. Being out in nature, surrounded by trees, birds in the sun is something that has def helped me!

  15. Cutting out coffee really helped me with my anxiety! I could never ever stop cold turkey so I drink decaf which I'm happy with. The real issue would be if I wasn't able to drink any caffeine whatsoever!

  16. Ahh thank you, you totally reminded me how I was looking at ordering decaf because I miss my coffee time

  17. I was freaking out at first too when my psychiatrist recommended no coffee but then I remembered! I can still drinkdecaf!

  18. Reading all these comments makes me so- sad and ANGRY. I think there was a lot that could've been done in our childhood to prevent all the mental issues we suffer with today. I'm choosing not to have a child because I'm scared shitless to accidentally traumatize it because of my past. I really feel we are in the "era" of becoming aware of all the trauma/abuse that has been passing on from generation to generation in our families and we are the generation that will finally put a stop to it.

  19. Very bumpy. Dad was an abusive alcoholic- witnessed a lot of domestic violence towards my mom. Mom came here (to the US) from Brasil (where I'm origionally from) and left me and my sister behind to live with grandparents (my grandpa was also abusive towards my grandma). Years later, I moved to the US without any notice (mom literally showed up one day to pick me up and told me to pack my things and brought me here without letting me say bye to anyone including my family there and not even knowing a word of English. Here, I met my stepdad (where I believe my trauma really started) I experienced A LOT of verbal, emotional abuse from him for about 10 years . I was never at peace when I was around him. I have so much trouble with my self confidence because of him. My mom never really backed me up and put a stop to his constant bullying (what my therapist called it). I suffered from anxiety and depression due to my childhood before suffering from PMDD. So no,unfortunately I did not grew up in a good environment.

  20. I've noticed that everything seems more boring during luteal- It takes a bigger effort to keep myself entertained; if that makes sense? Not sure if it's my hormones or my ADHD

  21. I don't think it works like "10 days prior to your period you feel symptoms and magically when you bleed it all stops" That's totally not how it works for me. I feel some symptoms that people feel on luteal during ovulation. Sometimes I feel fine during ovulation, sometimes my symptoms don't come until I start my period. This is what I like to call a "hormonal mess"

  22. You could browse a bookstore or get an ice cream cone etc.. you’re not alone!

  23. thank you<3 it gets to a point where I cannot stop ruminating and desperately need to go distract myself

  24. Go to a movie. Pick a cute cool theater if there’s one in your city. Feels like doing something… but doesn’t require a lot of energy or a great mood ha.

  25. I went to the movies on Friday lol idk why yesterday such a strong urge to get out of my house! I feel staying home makes me ruminate and overthink and gives me plenty of opportunities to remember ALL the horrible things that happened to me since I was born..

  26. gets better when I bleed dips again when I ovulate, but every month is different...

  27. this is exactly how I feel today. Everything is way more of a challenge during these days

  28. yes! Never had it happened to me before until last month I couldn't get up all day which is not normal for me and went to take a test turned out out my blood pressure was high!

  29. my main symptoms is feeling like a burden, especially feeling like my boyfriend is only with me because he feels bad for me...etc

  30. I get you. I feel my worth is based on my academic success, productivity etc- and I'm not working at the moment(PMDD made me quit my very toxic job). What do you like to do? Perhaps a class you can take online? I also really like spending time outside in the sun. I'm 31 and still don't have a "career"

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