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  1. surprisingly chill.. she is a bit of loner but loves to be held and hugged 🖤🧡

  2. lynch is not a normal cat not even a normal maine coon. he is strikingly handsome

  3. Oh, how very European of him...

  4. toured in a band through europe and was devastated by the “weed” out there. never w/o tobacco and it’s usually hash? wtf

  5. that’s a really good idea. i’m curious about how identification process would work with having to be of age to buy them. maybe they’re in a designated 21+ area or they would need to scan the id? either way this would be a hit

  6. coolest salt i’ve ever seen. sometimes i see blue in ohio

  7. most maine coons you can find at a maine cooner breeder near you. just do some research, you can check on to check for maine coons in and around your state. to find a little super hero like this though, may take some searching! actually every maine coon is a super hero you’ll be good

  8. Literal feather duster for a tail. So cute it should be illegal lol

  9. Her tail is not normal, and she is well aware of it! Her tail is consistently straight up. Also, if you look closely, she was born with a little paw on her front right foot so she limps when she walks and it’s literally the most heartbreaking and cutest thing I’ve ever seen. She uses it like her secret weapon though

  10. It kinda looks like she’s flat footed which could be an injury that has a surgical fix. I realize you already called it a little paw, but just in case, she’s already seen the vet about it?

  11. The breeder got the diagnoses upon birth and since then we have been at the vet several times but I recently have thought about getting an X-ray on it because when I squeeze it a little bit to see if she could be in any pain there, she is way more protective of it than her other paws. So we will probably be keeping you updated shortly!

  12. i legitimately thought she was a squirrel!! squirrel queen 👑

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