1. Zdarsky and Checchetto run that started in 2019, went up to Devil's Reign, and is starting back up in a couple weeks with a new #1. Check out the top comment! Really useful links to reading guides and such. Checchetto did most, but not all, of the art for this run and it really was great!

  2. No prob 😀 You do a great job with these! I get it though, I've totally been guilty of overlooking a stickied comment or post at times myself, or a bunch of links for whatever reason, so I figure I may as well just point people to them! Usually has whatever they're looking for.

  3. Yeah. "Supreme" should've been an all-timer and it was kind of a fart. Almost felt like Soule was worried about boring the audience and avoiding ... actual court stuff

  4. I don't know if I would call it a fart but it was definitely underwhelming.

  5. I forget which, it's the arc right after Daredevil went to China to help Blindspot

  6. Hello! I helped with the reading order so part of the reason Zdarsky is recommended as a jumping on point is that while knowledge of prior runs adds to it, I wouldn't say they're necessarily essential in order to enjoy Zdarsky's run. Matt having been Mayor for example is something that is mentioned, but it doesn't actually play a significant role in Zdarsky's stories or anything Matt does. It's more of a referential wink that experienced readers will be aware of.

  7. I wanted to reply to this post, but I expected you would reply too and I had no doubt that you would do a much much better job than I would have. And you did!

  8. i relate on those random websites ! on Amazon i got the only paperback of Elektra Lives Again that i could find anywhere online. there are lots of hardcovers for elektra lives again but i prefer paperback for it specifically

  9. The trade of ELA was such a hard find for me as well!

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