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  1. It was asking about your partners and telling you which ones are higher risk.

  2. Putting aside the fact that that obviously is not true, that would also be a crime anyways...

  3. Arthur Gregg doesn't make any sense. Would appreciate anyone piping in to explain why the Army would choose this guy.

  4. Gregg is a big deal logistics guy. Kind of rebuilt logistics in the army. The annual sustainment award for the army is named after him and he played major roles in logistics in the Vietnam war.

  5. Ok, thanks for the input. I never heard of him but I can appreciate his impact. Learn something new every day.

  6. Yes it’s kind of cool they’d name a base after someone like him. Kind of a nice call out to all of the support personnel out there to remind them their impact is noticed too

  7. I’ll be honest, I never got into Harry Potter and never saw the movies or read the books. Are there really eight movies?? Or is it like how there’s a thousand Star Wars movies out but most of them don’t count?

  8. Your mind is going to be blown when you hear about this thing called the MCU

  9. Soooo what about mobile order folks who don't drink their drink immediately. And does it make a difference if it's just gonna mix with syrup and milk or something?

  10. The whole idea of modern Starbucks is a complete bastardization of the purpose of espresso

  11. The rest of the coffee world disagrees with you. It's pretty unanimous that espresso dying is a myth that started with Starbucks, there isn't mention of it elsewhere before Starbucks. Espresso is meant to be sipped like any other drink, not slammed back. It's not even minutes long, the intended drinking time is the same as any other beverage with sugars or milk.

  12. Every degree has marketable skills, but not every degree has a clear career path. You major in nursing you go be a nurse, major in engineering and you go be an engineer, major in liberal arts? Fuck if I know. If you’re a driven person who can create their own path it’s not a bad degree. But for most people it’s a “I got told to go to college, I have no idea what I want to do and have to pick a major now” degree.

  13. I just graduated with a BA in History and am now trying to find a job.

  14. Used my GI Bill to get a free masters degree because a history bachelors is worthless

  15. The only reason this was a story, and the only reason this ever pops up as a story when it happens (Flacco/Lamar) is because the media trying to stoke the flames of racial tension.

  16. I just don’t think I’ve ever met a platoon leader before so I literally forgot they exist

  17. Naming after concepts instead of people may "future proof" the name from future scrutiny or cultural changes.

  18. I’ve literally had people tell me that “Liberty” is a racist dog whistle now. Nothing is foolproof of anything.

  19. I have legitimately been called a white supremacist for arguing in favor of the second amendment.

  20. My favorite ever was someone accusing me of being a racist because my wife is an immigrant from Asia lol

  21. In 50 years climate change really might destroy civilization. I'm trying to live it up before then. My retirement is going to be a bunker or nothing at all. Remember, the oceans only have 20 years max and everyone depends on the ocean.

  22. Sure ok. Havent been back to the Moon since the 70's but we'll land on an asteroid. Ok. Yep.

  23. The moon missions were essentially just part of the arms race. Once the US established they coils land on the moon the missions became politically irrelevant.

  24. Everyone has these cool ass patches and I’m stuck with a 18th century cannon…fuck ft sill…

  25. Wait until you get off active and go in the reserve and need a microscope to see the random ESC patch you’re given.

  26. You know Reddit is a broken site when a video has net +204 upvotes but only 28 comments and all 28 comments are negative and trashing the video lol

  27. If they reboot it I won’t watch it out of fear it’ll be ruined. Today’s climate just won’t be able to handle of KOTH like show

  28. It’s been said that these cars were donated bc of a sponsorship with Volvo to add electric car chargers to Starbucks parking lots

  29. Lol yea everyone is up in arms here because Starbucks was given 4 cars by a car company to donate to draw attention to new available low emission cars.

  30. We went from Trump in the White House with a Republican House and Senate for 2 years to Biden with a Democrat House and Senate, soooooooo I guess people weren't happy with Republicans? That doesn't happen if people are happy and content, after all

  31. Exactly. That majority centrist population is very discontent right now which is why we’re seeing such wide swings. Obama to Trump, but trump was an overcorrection so back to Biden, but now things are still ugly so people are trying to correct the course. It’s like a car hydroplaning on the highway

  32. Well, its more generally policing and prosecution. There are a lot of reasonable ideas that fit under the umbrella of police and criminal justice reform that I'm generally in favor of but a lot of what I see being offered in practice is just the worst of all worlds. Don't enforce the law, don't prosecute, and do very little about repeat offenders. People talk a good game about rehabilitating to reduce recidivism and I agree with that approach but nobody puts in the work to make that part of the equation function. What you end up with is high attrition and cops who don't give a fuck and normal people having to put up with that shit from both ends. It's been especially bad back where I grew up.

  33. Ahh yea I’m with you 100%. One of the biggest reasons why my flair is no longer centrist.

  34. "Baker can read a defense", he has led the NFL in INTs since he entered the NFL. He also couldn't do anything with a great rushing attack and 2 elite WRs, what's going to happen here? Let's see what Hurts does with elite WRs shall we?

  35. Is 56 interceptions really the most since 2018? Those first two years were ugly but it seemed like he was being the hang of it

  36. No but I did ask you a follow up question and I’m curious why you haven’t answer it

  37. Huh, Johnson on the Raiders, AD on the Lions, that’s an interesting timeline. I wonder how fall Jamarcus falls in that scenario. Next QB taken was 22 with Brady Quinn. I imagine someone would’ve moved up for Russel but that might’ve been a plummet scenario tho

  38. He’s managed to piss away about 95% of it (according to a quick Google search) but yea, probably still has more than you and I

  39. howie kicks the tires on every car in the lot and is okay with walking away without a car

  40. Howie is the guy who shows up at opening, test drives 12 cars, eats all the popcorn, drinks all the bottles of water and shitty coffee, and then leaves at closing without buying anything only for you to seek him walk into the competitors lot the next morning.

  41. Nah he was with some random chick when the accident happened, his wife was in another state altogether

  42. Hard to say. I really wanted Zach Wilson, I think he’s going to be a stud, not I didn’t want to trade too much for him just because we weren’t a QB away from contending.

  43. Well in a year or two you might be able to live that dream if Zach Wilson continues to play like he has.

  44. Wilson played well at the end of last season, Jets fans are really high on him

  45. Again, creating public content for public consumption means you need to be willing to take feedback from the public. If he doesn’t listen to this feedback people will kee complaining until they eventually just stop watching overall. If he listens to the feedback and makes adjustments it might save his channel. Don’t take it so personal.

  46. I said he sucks now. I used to really like what he put out but not anymore. He sucks now. I want him to stop sucking and be good again.

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