APE has 703,818,360 shares outstanding???

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  1. This is bullshit. Meta did nothing wrong. They have probably done too much legally.

  2. This post doesn’t imply they did but if they don’t delay it and everyone is stuck with NB that changes as the S1 they created clearly gives them the right to

  3. Let's see if they resume trading on monday first. If not, screw em. Postpone spinoff!

  4. This shit kept me up all night. Whole market rigged. What’s to stop them from doing it to blue chips lmao they are already shorting bonds.. AGAIN (allegedly) nothing is safe. META better use it’s S1 and delay this nonsense to protect themselves and investors alike.

  5. With all the controversy in America this is by far the best meme I have ever seen 😂

  6. Everyone should keep guessing 🍿 I’m here for it 💀 haha so far we have SHF, day trader, businessman, both on onlyfans, married into money, drug dealer, worked for Ken? Maybe SEC? Mom is in fashion??!

  7. Considering how I'm unemployed and already blew half my Christmas budget, no

  8. Fair enough ~ let’s not spread misinformation, you can and I hope nothing but the best for this holiday season

  9. Lol I have a med card, I got kids and shit I don’t have time to go to a social lounge I just need a connect for the best hash rosin or a dispo

  10. Dude gave you the answer you didn’t want to hear, back in the day you had to network to find the best stuff and it still applies. No good dispensary Rosin.

  11. Cookies and Cream if you can find it, Rainbow chip too but oni seed co’s gear washes infinitely better

  12. I honestly don’t know why I keep showing up here anymore. I’ll take some hate for this but Lowkey kinda just waiting and hoping to recoup at this point.

  13. So stop showing up then 😂 wait quietly, DD is done and we definitely don’t need that attitude - waiting to recoup is dumb

  14. Enjoy today, I think it’ll be a bloodbath tomorrow…

  15. Source? Not asking in a saracastic “I don’t believe you” type of way, but in a “holy shit this is fucking hilarious, hypocrisy at its finest, I want to read more about it ” type of way

  16. Lmao. A republican assumes the irs employees are cheating on their taxes, and is now spending tax payer money to audit 100 private citizens with whom she disagrees politically.

  17. 1,250 not 100 ha and no one thinks they are “caught” at this point it’s not abundantly clear who is leading it as any news on the topic’s early and speculative imho

  18. Well someone has a huge set of testies and a giant kock to match.

  19. Whole new meaning to speak softly and carry a big stick, bought a wheelbarrow for my balls yesterday

  20. Don’t have pickup for the retail release until Monday but if measurements are still needed by then I’ll do it

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