1. Any OEM's mid-level non-urethane ball would be similar. Callaway Supersoft, Titleist Trusoft, Srixon Q Star, TM Soft Response, etc.

  2. It's really alternate swing, not alternate shot. A drop isn't a swing so the other player makes the next swing.

  3. You'd recommend playing stock woods and hybrids even if my irons were fitted up an inch? Just for reference I'm about 6'6.

  4. Hybrids are a "maybe", woods are already plenty long and there's no reason to extend them.

  5. You don't have to mark behind the ball. You can mark to the side or in front of it, so long as you place it back in the right spot it doesn't matter.

  6. The club length is 1/4” longer and obviously down half a degree of loft. Do you think that would make that much of a difference?

  7. There's far more to fit than those 2 measured variables. The clubhead and shaft are entirely different.

  8. Sounds to me like your distance issue is your swing speed, not your clubs. Being brutally honest here but for a semi-athletic not injured man in his mid-30s, 85mph with driver is just plain slow. Could you get some jacked lofted irons and gain a bit of distance on those clubs? Yeah, but it's not actually improving your distance, it's just changing around what club hits what yardage. At 85mph I'm guessing your driver goes somewhere around 200 yards total and your PW is maybe around 90? At that speed everything is just cramped together and you're not going to be very functional with any club beyond a 7i to get the launch and spin you need.

  9. 16.5 handicap so I have so much to improve on, but my friend has just been going on and on about how a Fade is just a slice waiting to happen and I think he's kinda right

  10. He's not at all "kinda right". A huge percentage of professional golfers play a fade off the tee.

  11. Not as "popular" but a major OEM ball, it's most similar to the Mizuno RB Tour X. Super high spin ball with some durability issues with the cover.

  12. It’s for an Adams A2OS pitching wedge. Lightweight 65 grams high launch super shaft. I can’t find specs online. Not sure if the 65 grams is senior or ladies flex or regular. I have a 3-9 Adams idea iron set with Aldila high launch super shaft Stiff shafts, they are different than this PW. I don’t want to add this to the bag if it’s a senior flex, I feel that would mess me up unless you think it doesn’t matter much

  13. I doubt a 65g shaft in a PW would be firmer than SR. Maybe R flex but unlikely.

  14. Has nothing to do with gender. Do you have a big gap between your PW and SW? If so, you may need a utility/gap/approach wedge (whatever you choose to call it).

  15. I've seen guys slice a ball off the face of the planet, get out the wrench and start swapping around weights and adapter settings before re-teeing and hitting the exact same shot. Never seen someone change a set mid round though, let alone in a tournament

  16. I've had a buddy change driver settings 6x in a single round. Shocker, it did nothing for him.

  17. I ordered Callaway irons a little over 4 weeks ago and got my shipping notification today. Really depends on what each component is. When I ordered they asked me if I wanted to change my grip color because the Black/Blue NDMC grips were going to be 8 weeks and I switched to Black/White and the new estimate was 3-4 weeks and I'll have them in just under 5.

  18. To be fair, you're comparing one lower end monitor to another, neither is particularly accurate. The real answer is likely somewhere in the middle of those. FWIW I plugged those numbers into the Flightscope trajectory optimizer and got 181 carry and 191 total. Historically that tool skews a little low so I'd guess actual carry is probably around the 190 mark and 200ish total.

  19. Other than not being as durable they feel pretty much the same. I have these same ones that I threw on my backup irons and some of my wedges and they're very good for basically 1/4 the price.

  20. The worst part is getting all the old tape off.

  21. What price range are you looking for? There are tons of good courses in the area you could get a voucher for, I'd be happy to make a recommendation or two.

  22. English Turn is better than TPC. Bayou Oaks at City Park (South Course) is another really good option, I'd go there over Audubon if you want something championship length and not executive. Audubon is fine and it's a cool course in the middle of the park uptown, but it is short. Other than that there's Joe Bartholomew which is a solid muni not too far from downtown and then also on the west bank is Timberlane which is solid.

  23. Yeah I can almost guarantee angle of attack is not the issue. I'm nowhere close to steep. Was just reading about dynamic loft and I have ball well off front foot there is no way Im spinning it more that way. I'm about to buy a Flightscope I think so I have all the data I need. I do plan on getting a proper fitting eventually.

  24. Alignment stick covers are 100% useful. Otherwise they can sneak under the driver cover when putting it back in the bag and it will scratch the shit out of the crown. That's why you see nearly every pro with an alignment stick cover.

  25. Based on your iron distances I'd expect about 210-215 out of the 7 wood and 195-200 out of the 9 wood.

  26. Lots of courses have lockers you can rent. You could ask if there are lockers you can rent by the month and just leave your clubs locked at the course instead of carting them around and leaving them in your car.

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