Ghosted my anti-choice boyfriend

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  1. Ravioli lasagna sounds good ngl but how come mrs byrd always makes cheesy foods look so… coagulated? Is the food cold again? Ugh

  2. I guess that’s what’s really confusing me, because I know it shouldn’t be happening but it is. For example, when I knit on circular needles I don’t end up with the k1p1 alteration even though I just do the knit stitch the whole time.

  3. When you knit in the round you’re knitting a spiral, that’s why you get stockinette when you keep doing knit stitches. When you’re knitting flat, you’re turning the work around every row so you’re getting the wrong side of the knit stitch, aka a purl, on every other row. Which results in garter stitch

  4. she is knitting. she knits two stitches using the throw method

  5. It looks like she’s knitting two stitches into one and the stitches on the right hand needle are so loose they’re practically falling off, definitely looks weird lol

  6. she calls them pure perfection but still gives them a 9/10?

  7. Lmao I asked her this not too long ago on youtube and she said no

  8. So it seems she has seen our comments about moving onto liquids

  9. Why not tell him why, so that he could reconsider his anti-choice position? You shouldn't stay with him, of course, but the move might have more weight if he knows why he's being ghosted.

  10. There are already many good and science based arguments to being pro-choice. If the one to turn his head would be ”women don’t like me if I’m pro-life” he isn’t pro-choice to begin with…

  11. and what about the rights of babies? This isn’t a black and white issue.

  12. Babies have rights. Foetuses even have rights. But you cannot give a foetus a right that no other human being has, namely to use someone else’s body without their consent. For example, if you are the only person in the world who can give me one of their organs so that I don’t die, there is no one who can force you to donate your organ to me, even if your refusal will cause me to die. That’s because you have bodily autonomy. So why should a foetus be given the right to use someone else’s body, without their consent? That’s what pro choice means. It means that you believe it is not someone else’s right to dictate what an individual decides to do with their body. You’re free to decide that you want to donate that organ, just as you are free to decide not to. The same should apply here, you should be free to decide yourself whether you want to carry a pregnancy or not.

  13. The girl struggles with taking care of pet fish yet thinks it’s a good idea to force people into birthing whole damn babies.. The irony is killing me, it really is!

  14. Lol I hope she posts it before she realizes she got kicked off

  15. I’m surprised she hasn’t blocked you yet 🤣 your comments are always the best

  16. Well you wouldn’t even know if you got blocked since she has to approve comments anyway

  17. Those look so cute! What’s the filling and topping? I’m gonna try these!

  18. Thank you! I used a spray bottle to wet them a bit and dipped them in sugar. Filling is just whipped cream, cream cheese, sugar and vanilla 😁

  19. The way she’s fighting for her life to grab the ice cream bars and eat them yet she chews so slowly and clearly can’t use her teeth efficiently.. Girl if you want to win one of these dumbass races you’ll need to start doing them with liquid foods

  20. For a pattern like this it would be best to use intarsia. It’s a bit tricky but you wouldn’t have those long floats in the back, there would be no bunching and you’d use up less yarn too

  21. Thank you I just looked it up! It looks like I cut the yarn and leave long tails for each square instead of the floats, join new yarn when the tails run out, and do a lil twist when I change colors? Is that right?

  22. Yeah I like to make little balls of yarn for every ”piece of color” and wrap the yarn around a piece of cardboard or something similar so they don’t get all tangled together

  23. Lol shuck pretending to like it so he doesn’t get smacked

  24. 7, we were taught in school. I still have the first thing I knit, a stuffed bunny :)

  25. Someone should “request” shuck do a solo sushi veedeeyo

  26. I’ve asked her for it a few times and last time she just said ”we can’t do that at the moment” lmaoo

  27. I looked up the things she ate, and for her all three meals combined were less than 2000 calories but the sodium content is at 2750mg....

  28. She’s gotta be craving lots of salty stuff since she loses a lot of electrolytes when throwing up. Wouldn’t be surprised if she’s dizzy 24/7

  29. If you get blocked by her now that’ll be proof she still lurks here lmao

  30. I wonder who Christina married?? And she’s supposedly a mom now. We need her back before the series finally.

  31. Same. Like she doesn’t eat cottage cheese because of its sodium content but eats junk food all the time? And is scared of calories but doesn’t eat fruit or vegetables unless they’re deep fried? And the fact that her teeth are a mess but she still eats hard and crunchy foods.. She’s so weird

  32. There's actually more cuts than you think, they're sneaky cuts that you almost don't notice. I'd say he barely eats any of what he "eats"

  33. I meant that there’s very few cuts while he’s eating. You can see him chew and swallow the food and go for another bite. So he’s not spitting the food like many ppl do

  34. This isn’t exactly the place to advertise yourself lol

  35. He used to be enjoyable back before the raw chicken vids and long cooking intros.

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