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  • By - tapit

  1. No bread for breakfast, BBQ for lunch and something vegetarian for dinner (forgot what it was)

  2. Based on your goal, TSM seems like the most logical approach. If you decide to go that route, this community will be able to give you some advice on how to get off to a solid start.

  3. I look forward to dropping this into a conversation some time soon. I like to be casually pretentious when I can.

  4. Whatever grass type OP likes. Personally I think we’ll trained kikuyu looks great and thrives in hot conditions. But I’m not a kikuyu salesman. My main point is to get rid of the seeds now rather than dealing with them for the next 5 years.

  5. No worries, if it were me, I would grab a plastic bag and carefully pick all the flowers/seeds and tie them up to dispose in the garbage. After that you can be somewhat rough when removing the actual weed body.

  6. The best thing about Kari Lake using the exact same tactics as Trump, is that it dilutes Trump’s 2020 claims.

  7. Absolutely. Overnight, Russia will need to alter their entire supply network.

  8. Ok Viktor, so you will be stationed here in this defensive fortification easily seen by satellite and in range of artillery. Thank you for your service.

  9. They should be considered part of the Russian military for the purpose of international law. They are on foreign land as part of Russian military logistics to support an invasion. “Wives and mothers” should be replaced with military volunteers.

  10. Mirrored film on the glass. Don’t block your light to prevent their view.

  11. Thank you! If I take a 50 mg dosage, would that mean I need to redose in 12 hours?

  12. Every time I hear “Russia is sending another 20,000 troops”. I want to know that NATO is sending another 2,000 advanced weapons.

  13. Ok, make them captain and vice captain and let’s get this revival underway.

  14. This was my big disagreement with AA, so I left. If I was going to be told I had "bad sobriety" because I asked people for help rather than a higher power---then I did not need the program.

  15. Life is hard sometimes in a whole range of ways. When you need support, reach out. Doesn’t mean that person has the answer but they have ears and shoulders, which might be all you need to get your thoughts straight.

  16. I will keep reaching out to friends. But I think I might not do so with people in the program. I think sharing with someone who knows you and cares about you is better than talking to someone you barely know.

  17. Treat anyone in the program like you would others in life.

  18. McCarthy gets two years to please Trump and get him re-elected. If he fails he will just be Martin Bormann.

  19. As they should. Ukraine is going to be a key member of NATO. Modernizing their military starts now, when they need it.

  20. Who determines the validity of subpoena?

  21. Because you know how when Trump expects one person and three turn up, his security and the secret service just let them in without question.

  22. We called them "butchie boys" and I have absolutely no idea as to why.

  23. Depends where you come. There was a thread on another sub asking about this. You guys nailed the top three - Slater, Rolly Polly or butcher (butchy) boy.

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