1. I'm mainly looking for a good character to get started and learn the systems so I can work up from there but I didn't really make that clear. Any suggestions?

  2. This is some v good and some v bad advice mixed. I don't know if intended to confuse you. The Mishimas are a poor choice for new starters and Kazuya is the worst of the 3.

  3. This is a weird one. His KBD is really good and looks like a macro but he is doing WGF not EWGF so seems like he's making mistakes. Unless he is being really clever and using a WGF macro to hide the fact he is using a macro. You can get WGF from the Assist tool but it comes out much slower than if he has a macro so there is a benefit to having a WGF macro over using the assist.

  4. It's the best place in the world, source: room mate was from there, never been myself.

  5. Settings -> controller settings -> map 1+2 into L1 and 3+4 into R1 or similar

  6. You need to set macros if you want to do it consistently, go to the controller config in-game

  7. They're called binds not macros, and yes I've already seen your reply you're still wrong.

  8. No u need to appoint cerys or hjalmar as king or queen first before you go do his quest. That way when Geralt does Go upto the Tavern they leave him alone the 2nd time because they realise he helped Hjalmer with the Giant on Undvik

  9. No way. This is brand new information. Played it twice and he got got twice. Assumed you couldn't save him!

  10. What's your reason for want to do it? Slightly more convenient to pay for things, a very small pro. What's the downside? A total mess. There's no need.

  11. Maybe you're less effective with Yoshi than those other characters

  12. The only thing I can think of here is it's trying to play a low point card and win. Once it plays Dandelion it realises that it's way ahead and should take him back. V poor planning. Playing a 2 point and going from 20 to 22 Vs 21 is perfect play. Unfortunately it's not working.

  13. Play ranked, watch your replays, take notes on your mistakes and things you learned about the match up, patch your mistakes and implement changes based on what you learn, go back to ranked, repeat.

  14. There's parallel mutually exclusive storylines, you can't "100%" the game without multiple playthrus anyway.

  15. Close rank = lots of points, far away rank = small points, exact same rank maximum points. Doesn't matter if you are higher or lower (much).

  16. Definitive edition goes on sale a few times a year

  17. JDCR plays him sometimes and is a quality content creator but I'm not sure he'll have what I think you're looking for. Elo doesn't get much higher than that guy.

  18. Sorry but playing the story on hard will teach you absolutely nothing.

  19. Getting the "good" redemption arc in B&W is tricky. I missed it just because of my final conversation with Syanna in the tower. That's what makes the difference, telling the guards or Anna don't matter. Did u chat to her when she's imprisoned, you gotta ask if she feels remorse.

  20. Ahhh i did, but i told her that “I think i’ve heard enough” because i knew she was full of it anyway, thought Anna would too..

  21. Pretty sure that's what I said too cos I knew she didn't at all. Tbh the redemption arc is a bit contrived, I don't see how Geralt asking her about remorse would really have her change her mind. I think what we said to her is what a "real" Geralt would have said.

  22. If you have the rest of Lee covered then you should probably do the b2 loops on a launched opponent. b2 loops on a standing opponent will throw off your rhythm (from my experience).

  23. His earlier attempt on a juggled opponent was going very poorly. Baby steps makes sense.

  24. Baggie gang just sounds like you're a druggie rather than a funny way to mention your ostomy bag. It's confusing, I'd change it.

  25. That's so dumb. Do you know any character that starts racking up easy wins after they get red rank? It's harder for all characters. How much harder completely depends on how you've been playing Hwoarang (or any char). Have u been cheesing flow charts or have you learned fundamentals. Any char can get there using either route.

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