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  1. Have you considered paying them more you greedy grubber? You're business is not v good if you can't pay your employees well.

  2. On the balanced difficulty she's very beatable just needs some time to get used to her pattern and use the right defence options. It's about being patient and not making mistakes more than rushing her, but you can still win even making loads of mistakes, just make 1 fewer mistake than the number of mistakes that kills you. Practice not getting hit more then if you can do half her health you can do all her health.

  3. It's like insurance, sure 99% you don't need it but you really want it for that 1%.

  4. Depends what you want to do and what u study. Engineering, Law and Medicine are degree mandatory if you want to be an engineer, lawyer or doctor.

  5. Super basuka does it for style pts when you know it'll kill but it's hard and not optimal, what's a good reason for it??

  6. If there's things you need to know to succeed and you have a foundation cert why not go on an additional course or online etc to learn those things. I'm all for learning on the job and this sounds kind of like the thing where much can't be taught (having an eye for it) but learn what you need to.

  7. If you are definitely going to buy a property I would 100% wait for the £350k. In fact you'd be nuts to get the mortgage now, when you could buy with cash in a few months time.

  8. No-one with any sense in OPs position would get a 30 year term. He could get whatever he likes and pay it off in 6 months time then he gets the rest of the lump sum.

  9. Your spoiler is in the title so the tag isn't really working...

  10. No I don't regret enjoying myself. Such a messed up place you even need to ask.

  11. Great achievement and I'm new to this sub but you're just a middle man right? Yes a hard working and successful middle man but you're buying cheap tack from China in bulk, sticking a fancy label on it and marking it up. I'm sure this will get called out for being bitter but I'm not. You're not creating anything of value but you are bring easier access to something people want, or want after you've told them they want it. OP, outside of the money, are you proud of your business? Is this the sort of thing most people on here are aspiring to?

  12. Your beliefs are so wrong. Here are some cutting cookie concepts that works without being better or having an advantage.

  13. Someone who opens a restaurant is not an entrepreneur, they are a business owner. Same for all the above.

  14. Edit: After googling the definition of entrepreneur:

  15. "Greater than normal financial risk" explain the greater than normal risk in opening up a welding station or a barbershop? How is your cookie cutter barber more risky than every other similar business.

  16. I think what you want to do is form the LLC and use it to buy equipment at discount which you also personally use to remodel your house. You wouldn't contract yourself that's daft.

  17. The people who rent, where else do they go?

  18. I rent out a house. 90% of the street is benefits or foreigners. What bank is giving them a mortgage? Who wants to buy them houses when for an extra 100 a month you are getting a new build.

  19. Great take, benefits recipients and foreigners have no business owning a house! There's also plenty of other worthy people who rent tho can we give them a chance to buy?

  20. Someone did one of those DnD chaotic good, lawful bad charts for TV shows recently and all 9 were great. If you can find it via search.

  21. I agree with your perspective, none of something to one of something logically has to be more different then going from some to some more. And yet everyone says second is harder. I only have 1 but we're planning another so I've thought about it a bit, guess we'll both just have to wait and see.

  22. It's their money if they earned it, why wouldn't they be allowed to get whatever they want with it?! Forcing a 13 to save 50% for a car already seems mental to me. I dunno the local to you laws but he'll be saving for 3+ years and he'd need it earning what I guess a 13yo is capable of earning.

  23. They're not being forced to save it, it's a mutually agreed upon situation 🙂

  24. Ok cos "the rule is" sounds like it comes from parents... If that's his own goal then I think it changes things.

  25. You're lucky, you've got a freak child (no offense) wether thru luck or the routine of no routine, the majority of kids would freak out trying to achieve what your kid is doing.

  26. Is it a physical product or software? If physical, I'm a product designer, I could quote for it, if software you could sub contract it out or learn the programming yourself depending on how difficult the project is and your skills. Tons of online resources to learn code.

  27. Not a BTL, but tenants are refusing access but might be willing to accommodate to see outside the property. Not got an answer yet on why. There are photos of the interior but they're 8 months old. The property is indeed priced way below market rate to compensate for the no viewing.

  28. Sounds obvious what u should do, buy it, tenents are gone, relist it allow viewings, resell it at the normal price and take the profit.

  29. It's not about what you are on now it's what path are you on to earn in the future. £12/hr is fine for your situation but if you're still on 12/hr in 10 years time you'll be trouble. The career matters more than the immediate salary for someone in your position.

  30. Isn't it kind of obvious that the bracelet saves Syanna and therefore if you don't get the bracelet she would die?

  31. Yeah I suppose after my first play through there was no reason for me not to assume that logically - I think it's more a combination of my completionism in terms of story/characters (I always feel like I'm "missing out" on good content if I skip talking to the flint girl) and the fact that the game really pushes you to talk to her. It came up once or twice in the quest log, and I think Syanna mentions it once or twice too.

  32. Know what you mean, hate to turn down a chance to win something in a game of Gwent!

  33. First few months for us were great, it's been the 11 months since then they have been harder. First few months it's basically a potato that just lies there, you just need to feed it and change it to keep it happy. Simples.

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