1. Seriously, how can a club be so unlikeable that even when they’re playing Real fucking Madrid as scrappy underdogs all the neutrals - even Barca supporters - are rooting against them.

  2. I mean, this is hardly fair to the rest of Atleti fans. I hate the scum that are Frente Atletico and their pathetic, disgusting acts. But morons who use football as an excuse for heinous acts do not represent the club, its values, the squad, nor the vast majority of people who support Atlético. I swear when this happens with other clubs, people wave it off as "all clubs have terrible fans" but with Atlético, people act like its the club's whole identity.

  3. If you hate a player or a coach for shithousing (which honestly, all teams do, not just Atléti - and it's hilarious how fans give teams they like a pass for that shit), it's got nothing to do with the reasons for hating Frente Atleti for acts that are literally criminal and cruel.

  4. He's easily their best player, he just doesn't try because he hates Simeone, I haven't seen him press like in the Chelsea game for over 2 years. Also the freedom he got is what makes him stand out, in Atleti he was forced to a position and most of the time as a lone striker

  5. You're basing this all on one game for Chelsea? You don't think he had matches like that for Atleti? His work rate and attitude are inconsistent, you'll need to see him in a few more games to pass judgement.

  6. Believe it or not, I've watched him more than most if not all atleti fans, I've been watching him since he was in Benfica.

  7. I mean, this proves that you watched one Benfica match he played at least.

  8. So Felix is staying at Chelsea then

  9. The problem is, reportedly freeing his wages makes no difference. After how bad the Villa/Suarez sagas were for us, and how shitty they behaved with Griezmann this year, why would we be giving them another player for free?

  10. Tbf, Barcelona were happy to let go of Villa, that was pretty normal deal, and shit went down with Suarez and Koeman way before Atleti even entered the picture - and even then we paid for a player who had been told by your club that he wasn't wanted (let's not forget he was going to go to Juventus first).

  11. For sure, you're right. We got extremely important players directly from Barcelona.

  12. I wouldnt say its unjustified. He is literally in charge and responsible for the whole team. Tactics, lineups, substitutions etc. How is he not responsible for how the team performs then?

  13. I'm not saying Simeone isn't responsible, I'm saying he's not solely responsible. Why is it that players who were thriving with the same manager (and arguably the same tactics) one or two seasons ago are struggling now? Why should they be absolved of responsibility for their own performances?

  14. No one here said Simeone is solely responsible. Hes part of the problem alongside the club and the players as ive said.

  15. You're being obtuse. People may not be using the words "solely responsible" but they repeatedly single out only Simeone, rarely mentioning the players or anyone else in the club for that matter.

  16. I mean, he got Felix a fat contract with a club that doesn't really need him, even. Agency masterpiece, in my book.

  17. We did need him at the time we signed him. He was supposed to replace Griezmann in that second striker role. It's just that Simeone folded Griezmann into the player he wanted, and virtually no forward works as hard as Griezmann.

  18. I meant Chelsea. Chelsea needed a full-out striker, not another 10 or 8. As lively as he's going to be, chances are that he won't be scoring every week, not even every other week. But somehow Joao's agent went "n.9 you say? I have your man!" and the Chelsea hierarchy believed him.

  19. Honestly couldn't give a toss about the fee. I love this lad, he already has 2 assists and oozes the energy we need on the pitch.

  20. I really hope he does well for you guys and I think he will too. Great guy, and a hard worker with a lot of skill.

  21. Hasn’t started a game yet but already 2 assists and a fan favorite

  22. He was a fan favourite with us too, I love the guy. He works hard, has a great attitude, seems smart and speaks well of everyone. The kind of player you're happy to have on your team regardless of G/A stats.

  23. You'll find a hard time finding an Atlético fan who likes the new logo.

  24. Honestly, I don't hate it. For the sake of history and the fact that it's the one I grew up with, I am particularly fond of the previous logo (or 'logos' if we consider that we used both one with a yellow border and without).

  25. I honestly don't think it's the attacking players ATM needs to worry about at this point, it's the system. They just don't have the right defenders anymore to suffer endlessly and shithouse a 1-0 victory anymore, and Cholo is struggling to adapt to a more aggressive style of play.

  26. I generally agree, but I don't think being more attack-minded will be the solution. We showed against Barcelona that we can attack more and create chances, but our defence make stupid mistakes or get caught out. We generally need a stronger defence and (though we have a lot of attackers) we desperately need a forward who can finish chances.

  27. Correa's case is not like De Paul and Molina. He's experienced the best of times the club's had, received life-saving surgery thanks to the club, has had important personal moments and is adored by his manager, colleagues and fans.

  28. And as much as people hate to admit it for some reason, we’re underdogs relative to European giants.

  29. Ridiculous isn't it that people keep throwing out Joao's price tag whilst purposefully ignoring we sold Griezmann for a similar amount, as well as Lucas Hernandez and Rodri for around €80m each.

  30. Cry me a river...Simeone ALWAYS gets praise for it when it works. Much more than he deserves. People will call every good result he gets a a defensive masterclass even when his team concedes a ton of chances.

  31. You're living in 2020, this hasn't been the narrative for the last two years.

  32. I can't argue with your second and third points, but calling someone ugly based on their physical appearance is absolutely cruel.

  33. Your arguments are so dumb, they’re almost not worth replying to. Hazard dropped off hard once he went to Madrid but ti completely undermine the years he was absolutely world class at Chelsea and even Lille is completely disingenuous. If you are telling me Griezmann is a better player because he did better in a 7 game tournament with a superior team and coach, then I don’t really have anything to say to you. Just because griezmann is a better player now doesn’t mean hazard wasn’t better for a longer period of time. When hazard was winning titles for Chelsea, Antoine was a mediocre player for Sociedad.

  34. Oof to have the audacity to call someone's arguments dumb when you can't even remember your first comment... Let me make this clear for you, because clearly you struggle with comprehension. Even though it pains me to write a text this long to answer to a comment this stupid.

  35. Hazard won Ligue 1 with Lille. Griezmann did no such thing with Sociedad. There was a huge transfer saga to secure Hazard. You’re an atleti fan so I excuse your brainwashing.

  36. The quality of a player can't be measured only by the success of their team. When Barcelona had poor seasons where they won less, did that make Messi a worse player? The fact that la Real didn't win trophies and that there wasn't a huge transfer saga doesn't make Griezmann a 'mediocre player'. Like I said, it can be suggested that Hazard peaked earlier.

  37. Simeone turned him in to a workhorse, I bet people can't believe that griez was a winger before cholo got his hands on him, man is basically useless wide now lol.

  38. This is a ridiculous take and I don't know why you're so upvoted. Griezmann may not be a winger anymore, but he's been a second striker, CF and now a CAM thanks to Simeone, and world class in all of those positions. Yes, I'm sure he's crushed he's "useless wide now".

  39. and simeone turned arda into a straight up workhorse to the point he left and publicly said that was why

  40. And? He was exceptional for us and dropped his form at Barcelona. Simeone may have weaknesses as a coach but pairing pre-existing talent with hard work is not one of them. It made Griezmann into one of the world's best.

  41. Cos he's one of the few players that actually tries and gives some energy in attack

  42. When our form is this shit, it's hard to blame it on this, but through the years, it's been proven that our form takes a dive whenever Koke is unavailable. He may not be flashy all the time, but he's instrumental to both us and the NT.

  43. Felix is trickier because he's had patches where he really did look comfortable and adjusted. But between injuries and losing Simeone's confidence this season, his better moments have been overlooked. It would be silly to sell him for anything less than the club paid for him.

  44. I mean I don’t watch him every week but do you really think he is worth 120mil? He wasn’t worth that when you bought him and if the club is looking to sell him then I doubt he is worth that amount.

  45. I mean it's an insane amount, but it's an insane market and, with that in mind, I think he could live up to that price tag. If we were to sell him to another club for less and he finally reaches his potential, we'll be kicking ourselves, since we all know what he's capable of.

  46. I would hate to be an attacking player for Atletico Madrid. They have to get rid of Simeone.

  47. Ask Griezmann, who became a superstar under Simeone and, for a couple of seasons, the third best player in Europe.

  48. Do teams play in the past? Football is a results based business. Would you keep a CEO of the company is losing money every quarter & lost one of their biggest clients (champions league). He’s the highest paid coach in the world and has his team of stars playing anti football. What’s the point?

  49. If the CEO in question took that company from near bankruptcy and made them into a titan of their industry, the company would most likely apply certain leniency. In fact a lot of CEOs do far less for their companies than Simeone has done for Atletico and keep their jobs. You should see how companies like Spotify, Twitter or Netflix bleed money, and yet their CEOs have either not left or left of their own volition.

  50. Love this statement. If anything ATM should have patience and rebuild.

  51. Thank you for having more sense than a lot of other 'fans' seem to.

  52. They shouldn’t sack him. I do think Cholo can rebuild, but they need to identify and work out why their defense went from one of the best in Europe to not

  53. Tbh, I think it's the discipline. I think the best way it has been summarised is that a lot of our players don't seem to buy into Simeone's philosophy like the old guard used to.

  54. What a goal, Olmo deserves much more recognition. I'm surprised no big Spanish clubs haven't pushed harder to sign him.

  55. Simeone does not have to go, I am baffled by people (particularly Atleti fans) who think he should.

  56. I agree with this. It’s frustrating to see poor results but I always think back to the era before where we would leak goals constantly and every match against Real Madrid felt like it would be a guaranteed loss. I’d much rather keep trusting him in the rebuild than go for a new coach completely.

  57. Exactly. On top of all this, I do think Simeone's greatest strength is the ability to get back up and keep fighting. This may be our lowest point, but we've had low points before and came back swinging.

  58. This is most likely complete and utter bullshit.

  59. Honestly, don't fans think it's time to part ways? Nothing lasts forever and sometimes it's better leave before you become the villain.

  60. Personally, I think he deserves to leave however and whenever he chooses, and he really still is an exceptional manager. It's not uncommon for us to have rough patches and, like he said in a recent press conference, it's far from the first time he's been questioned. It happened in 14/15, 16/17 and most notably in 19/20, the year before we won the league.

  61. How are Atleti expected to perform as consistently as Madrid or Barça? Yes Atleti are (in my opinion, undisputably) the 3rd best club in Spain, but something about them lacks at the moment.

  62. You're entirely right that something about us is lacking. But actually what I meant is not that people expect us to be title contenders every year, but rather that we have consistently solid seasons (which is reasonable, given that we have had good players).

  63. If using commas correctly and responding to nonsense with coherent answers is mad, then yes I am.

  64. Tbf you are fluent in wingdings.

  65. But a complete different voice and attitude, this guy is so funny and relaxed

  66. Diego Simeone off the pitch is very chilled, just watch one of his press conferences or interviews - in a similar vein to this.

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