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  1. Army major. Ideologically driven fanatic apparently:

  2. FFS, how anyone who lives in the West willingly chooses to back Russia is utterly beyond me. At least the humans and the orcs who are from there have had a long history of being suborned by Sauron, but native born Americans? And if it was for money, you can at least understand, detest them all the same, but understand. But ideology? Ideology? Putin's ideology is Putinism. FFS.

  3. William of Riker, First of His Name, King of the Undercover Missions and Alien Ladies, Lord of the Multiverse, Protector of the Pakleds, Eater of Gagh, Lord Paramount of the Titan.

  4. Drove down to Fry's Electronics in my hilariously-in-hindsight unreliable 1978 Toyota Corolla hatchback on my b-day with money I had saved up just to buy it. I have no Earthly notion how many hours I spent on this game over the years, but I know that first weekend I had it, day turned to night and then back to day again and I will still playing. That soundtrack. That gameplay. Those full motion videos. Just gorgeous.

  5. In sadder news, I ran out of my favourite coffee today.

  6. Oh no. Were you able to at least get in a cup in the morning before you ran out, or did you only realize you run out when you went to get some in the morning?

  7. Stephen King works differently, because after all these years he still has moments when he's a broke-ass teacher living in a trailer with a wife for whom he cannot provide anything. When he was shopping Carrie around, his goal was to sell it for enough to be able to afford to not work for a year and take care of his family and write another book. And then the money came in much bigger than that and he was able to write for a living. But deep down, he still has that hunger, and a giant chip on his shoulder to fight and be right. I can't see GRR Martin rolling up at the New York Literary society, just to crash the party and make a statement about them being snobs who keep ignoring his books because they are popular fiction. And by the way, Stephen King did this in 1991, at the height of his fame, powers and popularity. Man is out there trying to prove something.

  8. Christ, can't wait for the bots to try to us how this is not a war crime.

  9. My dear brother of beyond the wall, look at the subreddit in which you posted your question. Do you think anyone here would ever recommend to you to do anything to ever avoid the spoilers? I am not mocking you, I am just pointing out that you will not get a dissenting opinion here.

  10. Facebook: powered by aunts, people who have no friends, and pseudo-conspiratorialists.

  11. So many of our big blockbuster movies, if you want to know why they’re loaded up with ADR’d lines of characters being like “and now we have to go here and find the such-and-such”, it’s because they get feedback from audiences at test screenings that are basically like “I don’t understand what’s happening” even if it’s not all that complicated.

  12. I think it also does not help that people are now not really watching a film or TV show, as much as watching the film or show and then doing something else. I am guilty of this as well, but I tend to pay attention to the plot and when things get meh, I do something else. Back in the day, when I was stuck in a theater, given the giant screen, total darkness and all of us being stuck there together, I always felt the collective IQ went up by the process alone.

  13. Someone finally managed to cross breed Finn Balor's Demon with John Cena. Impressive.

  14. Facts and figures have a known liberal bias, which is why true believers only trust the word of the richest and palest protestant land-owning male.

  15. It feels like they’re using it as a smokescreen and honestly it makes me more mad

  16. Yep. The show's supporters moved the goal posts, where defending the show is now a matter of pride and stopping the racism, as opposed to ya know actually compelling storytelling, decent dialogue and costumes that don't look cheap.

  17. Nothing infuriates me more than boring pro-wrestling, but a close second is people who say things such as, "Why vote? Nothing changes." If you hold the second view, you will lose, every time, and you are hurting your cause.

  18. "No one told me the new route. I did not even know there was a new route. Geez. And I told them this car can't reverse. Why did they not believe me?"

  19. No just killed, but gutted one for calling him a craven. Took a few insults, did not back down, was walking away to mind his own and then some Bracken runs his dick licker one time too many and calls him a coward, in front a royal. Those who have to get git got got.

  20. There are also a lot of German military "experts" who are are always telling the story of the invincible Russian Army. The new gains of Ukraine show that these people have no clue whatsoever but I guess bad news sells better than good news.

  21. Those dudes should have been run off a long time ago. How anyone can look at the conduct of Russian Army in this war and come away with an ounce of respect for them is beyond me.

  22. I wouldn't do that for Shakira, never mind Osama Chin Laden over here.

  23. What's with the LOTR TV show audience review bombing? Is it bad or is it just pure outrage of bigots that some people of colour are in it?

  24. Partly, yes. But there are other issues as well.

  25. Can we discuss some of the major/minor things that are happening in House of the Dragon which lead to Game of Thrones? I feel like my head is spinning sometimes looking for the Easter eggs and minor details that could blow later. I’m rewatching GoT to see if anything is showing up in the earlier seasons to help out timelines together.

  26. In terms of actual out right Easter eggs, there have not been many as near as I can tell.

  27. That just sucks, man. Stay strong, and keep the faith. Scammers gonna scam, but we must not bend the knee and hopefully more people will see through the nonsense. Counterpoint, start an Italian language youtube channel on House of Dragon and do recaps and talk it through. Sounds like there is an opportunity to serve the Italian fans of the show and the world of Game of Thrones.

  28. She stopped a couple of episodes into Season 8, so that lead to some theories about her being run off by the show taking a nosedive. I know she moved briefly into doing Tarot readings, but she then stopped doing that as well. Not sure what is the real story, but it was a shame, because her videos were great, made with care and she had a good voice for it and knew what she was doing. Compare her reviews to nonsense like "YOU GUYS! WE. HAVE. TO. TALK. ABOUT. DANY!" and it's night and day. Or the dude who knows his lore, but doesn't know how to remove lip smacking from his videos, or sounds like he's going through puberty as the video is being filmed.

  29. Old school wrestlers: either Vader, Earthquake or the Big Boss Man. Vader was listed about that height, had about 350 pounds and scared the shit out of poor enhancement talent sent to lose to him on TV. Earthquake was a legit 6'6", 450 pounds, was a super-heavyweight wrestler at LSU before they put a cap on the weight in college, and then trained as a sumo, being one of the few white guys to be accepted back in that era. He could move quick when he wanted to, and was one of the nicest guys to be around, but nobody messed with him due to his background. The Big Boss Man was around 300 pounds, was listed as being as tall as Bobby B., and he moved quick like a cat in his younger days. Also another nice guy that everyone loved to be around who never had any trouble from anyone in the lockerroom.

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