1. Are you basically looking to make new pages using the current one as a template?

  2. Pretty much. But for simplicity I would like to create a new blank page rather than have to copy and delete information.

  3. If you look on the bottom left you will see the update button. Next to that is a small arrow pointing up. If you click on that, you will see an option to save as template.

  4. If you are looking to start blogging, there is a few things you should do from the beginning to ensure you have no headaches down the road.

  5. Wow thanks so much for ur response. I have had internet issues, so only now seeing this. I decided to cancel aord press and use Google blogger.... but I am at a loss as to what niche to blog about. I am passionate about so many issues, some are not things I would necessarily share at work or jn my professional circle, but I enjoy writing and think the controversial topics would make the best impact. Oh that too is also elusive to me. Still wanta help, Greg?

  6. There really is no software that can guarantee a landing page that converts. There are many factors that go into conversion.

  7. You are very welcome. Good luck with everything. Stick with it!!

  8. I would recommend some sort of lead magnet. After that…you should have a few follow up emails that provide value as well as lead to the promotion of your Fasting Dice.

  9. This is a problem with free plugins. She. The developer decides to call it quits or not update it as necessary, the end result is having a plugin/website feature lost.

  10. Good information shared here. Here is my advice…follow Miles Beckler. If you want to save money and do things the right way…follow him.

  11. First and foremost I would suggest switching to WordPress. Second, if you haven’t already setup an account with Google AdSense. Third, while you’re waiting to be approved by Google I would do research and development for how you can monetize your website beyond Display Ads. Affiliate networks are out there, sell music courses? You could also setup affiliate links to actual concerts and take a percentage of each ticket sale you refer from your website. You could market streaming services, you could reach out to small artists and offer them an advertising spot or an article post about them.

  12. Very sound advice given here. I would highly recommend Wordpress also. It will give you far more control of your website. That’s very important especially if your blog takes off.

  13. I see where the confusion is :) At the moment I am building a tool that allows users to visually build a static website and save it on their computer.

  14. If they are going to build it on their computer why not just have them build in inside their hosting account and avoid the uploading process all together.

  15. You have a good point. Many people give up ownership for convenience.

  16. I totally understand what you are trying to accomplish. Consider this to check all your boxes…

  17. I installed it on my local machine and wanted to point it to my domain name. Everything is set up properly to have said domain pop up but I need to point the server (Wordpress install) to domain name instead of localhost.

  18. You will need to change the DNS settings where your domain was purchased so that it points to the server where the website will be hosted.

  19. It’s fine, didn’t really explain it well. How do I go about that without admin interface? Thanks for helping out.

  20. Can’t believe I’m seeing you on here Miles. I just recommend someone learning from your YouTube videos. Love everything you do brother. Much love!!!

  21. I appreciate that. Try to pop in here from time to time and encourage folks on the path...

  22. thanks, that was some good advice. is it possible to make it with a high competition niche that I'm passionate about and have some prior knowledge, or is it just difficult and not worth it and I should try a less competitive niche?

  23. You will have to do that research to see if the niche you want to get into is worth the effort.

  24. well, I'm into fitness, gaming, pc hardware and tech, Graphics design 3d modeling. first I thought I would go with a fitness blog then I changed my mind and was thinking about a gaming blog but found out how saturated it was now I'm confused. any advice?

  25. Try going deeper into your niches. Every idea you shared is to broad a niche. Check it out…

  26. The best way to share affiliate links is to provide helpful information on a subject that is totally aligned with the product you are promoting.

  27. Congratulations on your progress. Here would be my only advice…whatever the topic of your blog - you have to be married to it and get through what is known as the chasm of death. That’s the first 6 to 8 months of hard work with no results.

  28. Thanks for your support, I've started in 2019, definitely won't give up now :D I'll check out Miles for sure!

  29. We all need people rooting us on. It’s a rough grind and most only see the success that comes from that grinding that they don’t see.

  30. I had Kadence with Elementor before but I actually thought it was way more daunting so I purchased Divi. I wanted to build something from scratch to be able to create something close to what I had envisioned with no previous templates but it’s super hard.

  31. I totally understand that you want a unique website that matches your vision. Is there a website that you can point me to that is close to the vision you have?

  32. I’ll send you a private message to say a website I kinda like in the same topic.

  33. There are many different ways you can make money online. Hers an idea you might like…

  34. you can place a video on your homepage, videos can help keep your visitors a little longer. You might want to use your popups in a different way. Set it up in a way that they would show up when your visitors decide to leave.

  35. How do you like Medium? I’m just learning about it. Do you find it good? Open to any advice you can share on using Medium.

  36. Medium is ok , you should look into it. I am getting a few views from there nothing crazy, but it's better than nothing. I hear it gets better with time.

  37. I am going to give it a try for sure. Do you write your own articles or share content through links? I see that there is a few ways to go about using the platform.

  38. I think choosing a niche is important but it’s also important to niche down. This means that you should look into all of the smaller things that are within your overall niche.

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