50 year old Eminem nailing his Rap god live performance effortlessly.

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  1. I feel like his body is going to give it in his low 40s

  2. My son is 5. I tell him it’s Cole or hot. Let him go outback and he decides if he wants to wear pants or shorts. It’s not worth the fight everyday to get him to dress how I want.

  3. It’s a midnight Snack - they are cherry black tomatoes. So delicious I had a million off of one plant this summer

  4. Those tomatoes look awesome! I'm a gardening newbie and I haven't grown veggies or fruit yet! I'm still growing flowers and plants. Do you have any tips?

  5. Compost, compost, compost! I used the one made of lobster and crab shells. Bought it at a local garden center. I think it’s made by epsom.

  6. Routines cause stress for both baby and parent. Baby led and relaxed is so much easier.

  7. We didn’t do routines at all. My sister did and her kids are 7&5 and we refuse to stay at her house. No matter if it’s a beautiful summer night or a school night the kids must get their bath at promptly 7:00 and be in bed by 7:30. It’s lunacy! Last time we stayed over she was yelling at me because I told my kids and her kids that they can keep running around and stay up late, at 7:15 my sister was losing it. Also, she wouldn’t let my daughter have a night light because then her kid wouldn’t be able to sleep and she refused to turn the sound machine down when I told her the white noise was scaring my youngest. It was a nightmare! Every time she asks us to spend the night I just say no!

  8. Ground cherry /golden berry I had 5 plants in the garden this year

  9. Oh my gosh! Are you applying to jobs relevant to your degree and still nothing?

  10. Yes and basic customer service. Granted I am mostly applying for work from home since my kids are too young to be by themselves

  11. That’s so demotivating, I’m sorry. Seems workplaces are okay with established workers working from home but still have a long way to go with providing it for new workers.

  12. Yes. I am currently working as a sub for my kids school district. It’s crap pay but Atleast it’s something and the kids are mostly well behaved

  13. This! why would I want a reminder of what could've been? and what if I take him back in a moment of weakness? he texts me almost every night about how he loves me and can't live without me. And stupid me believe him half the times.

  14. I’ll come to the hospital with you! He sucks!

  15. Congratulations! I wish nothing but happiness 🥰

  16. Christmas Eve at a pizza place?

  17. We have had pizza and Stromboli on Christmas Eve since I was a small child, well over 30 years. We make it at home though. My parents did it with me and my husband and I do it with it kids. It’s nice and easy.

  18. I wanted to buy all of them but they were $30 a piece and Anne of Cleves was $40. I love the detail where it has an executioners axe in the handle of the wives he killed! I feel like I need them with every ounce of me, but I can’t spend that much

  19. Our town does trick or treating from 4-8 most people were done by 6:30 and it started raining around 7:15. We were the only people some houses got because we went to an offshoot street most don’t get down and the old people were giving my kids all their candy it was 7pm at this point.

  20. How to say your from Philly without saying your from Philly “jawn”

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