500 BC - Corrupt Judge Skinned Alive

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  1. I hope the asshole who put the dog in this situation gets the same treatment 😡

  2. North Korea would feed them to the dogs if they ran out of food with out a second thought

  3. That’s Ruby’s OG name. He has several solo songs like Diamond girl, $hark attack, Yeah I’m cleaner. He has many other alter egos

  4. Damn we could really use this practice right about now.

  5. He was one handing sideways, gangster style, with his arm as far back as possible. And then immediately turned his back and ran. Like literally everything in those 3 seconds were wrong. It's almost like he's never had any training and just learned how guns work by watching TV.

  6. My cousin wouldn’t get hired anywhere in California and Texas despite his background in criminal law and going to police academy. He was in Chicago for a month, got an interview there and was hired for the job. He said the way they trained cops is mediocre and while doing his ride along with a vet 5 cops were shot in 2 weeks alone. One of them dying a week later in ICU. They definitely will hire anyone with very little knowledge.

  7. I thought there be more us of here for some reason….

  8. The dirtiest players will complain for using the same dirty tricks. I’d say screw them and do your worst lol

  9. damn amphetamines and xans? aren’t those like opposites? doesn’t sound like they’d mix too well but what do i know

  10. It affects people differently. Adderall will lower the xan effects and just get you high and drowsy. I have ADHD and I would never do this. I rather do coke to calm down than to feel like I’m slowly dying.

  11. Anyone know where I can get a can of those beans? Asking for a friend..

  12. There are a few around the map, but nobody buys them because most are 2 or 6 car garage

  13. I like the 6 car garage because it has a better interior than the high end 12 car ones. I keep all my JDM cars inside the 6 and it’s aesthetically pleasing to look at.

  14. If this is that “PVP balance“ they teased a while back Im afraid they’ll pull the same stunt they did with 360 release one update (heist which we asked for years) and forget about old gens. Although most of my friends and many players haven’t gotten E&E I’m hoping they won’t.

  15. Whos that? There’s one just like it that sits outside my window asking for apples ..

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