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  1. I’m not sure, but perhaps sideloading an ipa of the game you want using something like altstore would work?

  2. It's very sad. The A10 was a fast chip, I wonder why it couldn't handle iOS 16

  3. My iPhone 8 has issues with some areas of iOS 16, but mostly runs perfectly

  4. You know this really shows how good the modern phones are. iPhone 4 on iOS7 was unusably slow while iPhone 11 still feels like new on iOS 16.

  5. I have an iPhone 8 on iOS 16 and it’s still mostly fine (except for the battery of 3-5 hours)

  6. With the 14 pro, regular photos are scaled down to 12mp from the 48mp raw image unless you use proraw, making for a higher quality 12mp photo, which might be the reason you can’t tell the difference between cameras

  7. Personally, I’m going to upgrade from iPhone 8 to a 14 pro, pro max is way too big for my taste, even the regular 14 and 14 pro are almost too big for me

  8. I am still midgame, so I want to be ready for the next time they do the charizard raids. What are the best builds for doing the raids?

  9. I’d love to have one, but only started recently and don’t have anything good to give in return

  10. What is the azumarill meta? I’m not postgame yet so I wanna be ready for the next time they do this raid

  11. Yeah, you have to have access to 6-star raids, which is after the main story and post game story thus far.

  12. So I can’t join with online if I’m not endgame right?

  13. Thanks for the amazing tip. Thank you so much for sharing that mate. Absolute legend!

  14. Because of the amount of force exerted on your body as you swing like a pendulum, and you would need the strength to be able to keep holding on

  15. je suis à DC mais j'ai traîné a NYC, 83rd et Lex

  16. I am currently on an iPhone 8, is an upgrade to a 14 pro worth it?

  17. Thanks, I already bought myself the portal collection, but would like to gift a copy to a friend, so we do coop.

  18. I think the smaller prizes would be better, mainly because I'm not in the US, so I wouldn't be able to participate in the bigger giveaway

  19. I think PLA and SV were developed in tandem, with the team being split between the 2 games.

  20. I'm going to max my fuecoco out and get it fully evolved for dex and for use, and breed it with a ditto to get another cute boy

  21. Some of the final evolutions are actually really mean. I found the the duck gets Moxie as a hidden ability(to increase atk whoever it KOs a pokemon) and also gets a dmging move that increases speed upon evolution.

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