1. I wish we in Australia nationalised (or at least heavily taxed the profits of) our resources sector so we could do stuff like this instead of making offshore billionaires rich. Our biggest mining companies don't even pay tax half the time.

  2. The nationalized gasouline is currently sold to us at $7.6/gallon. It's the same with electricity.

  3. I don't know if that's expensive. The gallon does not exist in most of the world.

  4. I mean, not to be credible but this might actually not be that bad an idea. The Russians probably have far less actually combat ready planes then they claim but they will have a bunch of missiles stock piled because its more difficult to sell that shit off on the black market.

  5. The US did with the analog aim 54 but since they are so big and heavy found out it was better to replace them with more maneuverable short range missiles that could actually hit something.

  6. Ah right fair enough, thanks for clearing that up I' just being slow today. Any fighters with with AIM-120D or Meteor will very likely bridge the gap for sure. Unfortunately Mirage 2000 doest have those missiles integrated at the moment.

  7. I don't know what it takes but I know for a fact that the claimed hundreds of miles range of the R37 out of a mig 25 people believe is extremely false.

  8. Yeah "hundreds" of miles is a bit much. That being said the R37 is three times as heavy as the AIM 120D. The kinetic advantage it has starting at mach 2.3 and 70,000ft is a pretty huge. 200-300km (160km for the AIM-120D) shouldn't be too surprising while I imagine it lacks the energy to deal with highly maneuverable targets towards towards the edge of the that envelope.

  9. This missile is an analog of the cold war aim 54 with the same stated purpose. Heavy hypersonic missile fired at altitude for long range intercepts of large sitting ducks. Against fast agile targets it is my opinion that it will be outperformed by less than the 120D. In addition the Russian systems can probably be jammed easily.

  10. I see. You have an interesting comment history. A bitter American spending all his time digging into all kinds of European affairs to complain and insult someone. My advive is if you stop hating the world it will stop hating you. I wish you the best.

  11. Did this fucking clown get promoted? I thought he got fired. Horrible look for Ukraine.

  12. Bro, your figures you have was all EU aid with is primarily humanitarian and financial. Thatโ€™s irrelevant in terms of military capabilities which was the topic.

  13. He might be wrong about that but he's right about the unique surplus situation. The US donated thousands of vehicles and $200 000 guided missiles they needed to get rid of. It's the ultimate FU to Russia.

  14. This doesn't sound right. After the sanctions the Canadian company that provided the cameras announced their bankrupted not long after. Maybe provide some sources.


  16. Bet you did not know the these guys are armed with SG550 and UZIs.

  17. I don't want a european military in addition to national forces, i want a european military to replace them, preferrably with a limited number of compatible platforms produced domestically.

  18. Around 50 defence related programs exists to integrate and standardize european forces. Examples are european medical command, "military Schengen", EU battlefield missile systems, EU software radio, european military space surveillance, Armoured Infantry Fighting Vehicle/Amphibious Assault Vehicle.

  19. My theory is that they are perhaps one of the most valuable weapons systems so far (same role as the USA new light tank program). Basically they are attached to infantry battalions, on deployment they hang back and make use of their optics and range to do the work air support would normally do.

  20. I thought they were quite obsolete without stabilization. A big movable gun never goes out of style I guess. It can be useful against enemy behind cover/buildings.

  21. why do german tanks keep using flat/perpendicular angles instead of slant angles?

  22. The Leopard 2 was developed with modern armour piercing ammunition in mind. It is so pointy that it can not be deflected by angling the armour.

  23. Perhaps we are dealing with translation issues. In English a "demand" is arrogant and should only be used from a position of power. Perhaps the closest word in Ukrainian language is broader and covers more possibilities? Not speaking or writing Ukrainian I will have to have others educate me.

  24. Wasn't it because of environmentalists in Australia?

  25. It's more credible than the prevailing theory of a plot by the US to sell allies inferior tanks. I'm under the impression that the US is moving away from moving away from DU as well.

  26. The US should expect Germany to support the defense of democracy in Taiwan when the time comes

  27. Can you explain why tanks are so important right now? It seems like it's all I'm hearing about lately. But Russia had a ton of a tanks at the beginning of the war and it didn't seem to help them much. Is it just because modern tanks are so much better or am I missing something?

  28. Ukraine says it's because they're running out of Soviet tank ammo

  29. 40 year old 2a4s from Norway won Iron Spear in 2020 with 13 NATO countries participating. Second place in 2021 between Dutch and German 2A6s. Disrespectful conscripted assholes.

  30. what hoops? it's always been the DU armor. nobody gets the DU armor models except for US of A. all those other things (particularly the turbine engines) are a huge issue, but nobody else gets abrams with DU armor.

  31. DU it's not some alien material from area 51. It's used for economical and domestic supply chain reasons.

  32. Netizens mistake depleted uranium for vibranium. DU is slightly less dense than tungsten but practically free since it comes from radioactive waste which is a burden to store. It's also not sourced from China. It's removed at buyers request. That's not to say the armor is not classified, but so is the challengers.

  33. You have had 100 years of sources and still deny what happened back then.

  34. Translation: I am overwhelmed and don't know what to answer to actual arguments so here is something completely else

  35. Tell me what happened 100 years ago to show me finding sources is not a waste of time. With the right answer you will get them.

  36. They want independence from US policy yet not willing to put up the money to do so. Please for the love of god, we would all benefit if the Europeans developed a spine and started funding their own defense.

  37. If the Germans are concerned about market share, put the tanks in action to demonstrate their awesome performance. Smartest thing they could do. Become a legitimate alternative by putting them in action. I donโ€™t see any of the Eastern Euro countries ever buying German heavy weaponry again, not Poland, not Ukraine, none of the Baltics, not Czech.

  38. Putting them into service with a half modern rushed wartime army in the times of drones and ATGM is bound to not impress. The Saudis with 6th highest defense spending as part of a broad coalition with air support lost many abrams to rebels.

  39. US provided HIMARS have impressed and there is great interest from others nations to buy now.

  40. Because this is about longer-term thinking than aid for Ukraine. South-Korea sending weapons doesn't matter as much as allowing weapons it sold to be sent by others, too.

  41. The Hyundai K9 howitzer operated by Finland, Poland, Norway, Estonia, Australia is the only modern artillery system not being supplied to Ukraine. The German system is sent by them and allies.

  42. I think most of us (Europe) are so happy we have you guys watching our backs you have no idea. When shit really hits the fan, we would be toast without you.

  43. Tell me more about how toast we would be without them after Russia takes Donbass.

  44. Without the US, you would be speaking German son. Perhaps you do already, in which case you would have the son of Kaiser Hitler and vonBraun reigning over you.

  45. You could replace the US with Russia in that classic boomer non argument.

  46. Its literally designed around jet fuel JP8 to be precise. Jet fuel is the default anything else is the flex fuel. An Abrams can run on almost anything but it prefers jet fuel.

  47. Everything in the army ran on diesel DF2 until the mid 90s. Australian Abrams still run on diesel fuel.

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