1. I couldn't make him work (Silver Elo). Sure, his kit is fun but his early laning is way too exploitable and he is way too squishy late game for his role, not to mention your lantern is only useful for the shield it provides. If you only want an engage tank who stuns for eternity Nautilus, Leona and Blitz perform better.

  2. No disrespect but it seems like one of those "we can't do anything meaningful so let's do something stupid" ideas.

  3. It's normal to feel like that. It's less prudent to act upon that wish.

  4. it worked in france 5 + 3 times.

  5. It didn't work in Germany, North Korea, Iran, Venezuela, Syria, Belarus, Hong Kong, Afghanistan and in many other cases.

  6. This was apparently first days of the war though

  7. This. At that time there were still soldiers in the russian army who didn't expect to cross the border.

  8. Well except the guys who got press ganged in "liberated" territories

  9. I do not consider them Russians although technically some of them might possess the Rus pass.

  10. How do you make sure that the one who replaces Putin is not another puppet?

  11. There is no sure way to guarantee a decent replacement. However we are at the point where any change is better than no change at all.

  12. My friend helps people from the East move to a safer part of the country.

  13. 20+ years of total propaganda do that to you. Imagine there is FoxNews 24/7 on all channels without any alternative TV station to challenge the constant flow of lies. Yes, there is also Internet but Internet too is infested with malicious bots spewing propaganda and even the big search engines are not eager to fight the state and more often than not cave in to their ridiculous demands.

  14. I hope it won't become the hexenjagd and those wrongfully accused will have a chance to clear their name.

  15. my intuition is that their spec services listen to calls, read text messages a lot. One can tell they do, as they publish the calls of russian soldiers, that means that they listen to a lot of calls to find the right ones, and then only small part of that ends on on youtube, and even smaller part ends up with English subtitles on youtube. That's how they know who colaborated

  16. I have no doubt they know a lot. I just don't like any organization to have the power to put people in prison without a trial.

  17. This is one more reason I'm okay with Ukraine attacking into Russian territory.

  18. I am not sure what you are suggesting. The military targets close to the border have been targeted since day one. As far as the civilian infrastructure goes I can imagine only one legitimate target but it is located on the Ukrainian soil.

  19. The guy died on Feb 25, he had no time to steal the fridge

  20. Most likely it were his comerades who sent the fridge to support his family after his death.

  21. Or appliance stores and warehouses in Ukraine were plundered and hundreds to thousands of appliances have been shipped back into various parts of Russia and sold at a discount as spoils of war.

  22. Well, poor families don't buy new fridges very often even when the price is right. Despite that your explanation is entirely possible too.

  23. I've written such a wall of text here, but basically it works like this:

  24. Honestly, even if it wasn’t I wouldn’t care at this point. Russia acquired it through extensive intelligence operations, and then military force. Then proceeded to displace, arrest, ‘disappear’, or intimate anyone that didn’t want them there. Crimea is Ukraine’s rightful territory, to be recovered for the benefit of the Ukrainian people.

  25. I wholeheartedly agree. As a former Russian citizen, I firmly believe that Russia itself was occupied "through extensive intelligence operations" and has to be liberated by all means necessary.

  26. Wir wollten eine Putzfrau. Die unserer Nachbarn wollte 23€ schwarz pro Stunde. Ich verdiene als Maschinenbau Ingenieurin 22€ netto.

  27. Wenn du die Pendelzeit und die Transportkosten miteinberechnest, dann sind diese 23€ pro Stunde gar nicht so teuer :(

  28. This is a great writeup, but I believe the situation is both simpler and more perverse. Girkin isn't playing a part. People's deepest motivations are rarely understood even by themselves. Girkin has been stifled by the system, used and discarded back in 2014. Even though he's extremely pro-Russian he's not pro-Putin, and I think he genuinely despised Putin and feels genuine schadenfreude when Putin's military is fucking up.

  29. here is no such thing as "former FSB agent". Girkin played his part in the 2014 invasion and he is playing his part now. If his bruised ego deviates to much from the script, he will be shut in less than a day.

  30. That's precisely the reason I'll have precisely zero of these instances in my work. Each instance makes it worse to read, and worse to look at.

  31. You have missed the G. The G that makes HIMARS so much better than orkish Smerch MLRS.

  32. Every account is bound to it’s own region

  33. I think you have to contact Riot Support. If they have the same name it will be impossible to login on the EU account.

  34. Jeez meneez, are there employees really being tracked like this? Makes me even more grateful for my gig.

  35. We can't say for sure if they are tracked. In most european countries there are legal restrictions to protect employees privacy. However the technical possibility to track is always there. It's a deliberate choice not to use it.

  36. Ita a good thing the ruble is crashing then. Smuggling people out will be very lucrative for a Russian entrepreneur and cheap for the refugee.

  37. Yes. It appears that Russia has no shortage of manpower due to so called 'creeping mobilization'. However those recruits receive barely month worth of military training.

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