1. I'm confused. You and the typo patient should have two different usernames to get into Athena. Are you saying they added the other person's email address to your account? I'm thinking and typing, and just realized that wouldn't make sense. How is the other person accessing your account if they should have a different username, even if they input the same email address as yours? Unless your username IS an email address, but even so, they shouldn't have been able to register a duplicate username/email address. If email address is an additional field in your profile, that's different. But they'd still need access to your email address if that were the case... unless it's too early in the day and I'm overthinking.

  2. The login is my email address. When I tried to log in after getting an appointment email for a chiropractor in another state I tried logging in but couldn’t because the phone number for 2 factor authentication is not mine.

  3. Oh, I don't think your PHI is compromised then. Athena uses a bunch of different patient portals. It sounds like this other patient had a portal created with your email address instead of theirs. Odd that they continue to sign in with the typo (your) email address instead of their own. If the provider's office can't fix it, then it's in their best interest to have their own patient update their email address/username. You're at risk of getting their information, but it doesn't sound like it's the other way around. It's silly that they'd ask you to get in touch with their patient. Somebody must be new on the job.

  4. But I had the password so it’s making me think she gained access to an existing one?

  5. Hey - similar spot. Basically, I went to a doctor that specializes in weight loss and she was able to come up with enough additional problems. Like, my liver enzymes were slightly high and I have fat on my abdomen and she used that.

  6. Yeah my pa wrote it for prediabetes and pcos and the PA was finally approved. Labs don’t even officially back it up. Overweight BMI.

  7. Me too. This one looks good too, I probably would have bought it. Oh, well.

  8. I didn’t get it either. Such a bummer after opting in to last week’s not so great deal

  9. I’m looking to book this Labor Day Sunday- Wednesday - it’s been a whil but just curious if the dates were blocked off for you because of the holiday.

  10. The calendars haven't been released for September yet so probably won't know for awhile if that weekend will be available. Best way to get extra nights is to have other people you are going with start a myvegas account and combine reservations.

  11. Is there a hotel for free stays you’d recommend? A specific app/game that pays out the most points/freebies?

  12. Get the Myvegas game for free comps, rooms show, buffets, etc for all MGM hotels.

  13. Hey! I have 2 games that offer the same rewards- any tips/tricks/recommendations?

  14. Thanks! This was posted a solid 90 seconds before I got the text. I grabbed it.

  15. I ordered it, and I am looking forward to it. How does the virtual event work in February? I don’t quite understand it.

  16. You get a link to a zoom meeting where people from the brand talk about the product and they give away prizes. I’ve been to several over the past few years and have never won but some people from Reddit have.

  17. I'm still using that toothbrush because it came with an extra head. It is the bomb.

  18. I love that toothbrush. I need to order more heads lol.

  19. I complained about being in a survey drought today and then this popped up. Would have preferred the skin care survey but I’ll take what I can get lol.

  20. It depends but the last few took about a month.

  21. Lucky! I’ve been in a survey drought recently.

  22. If the pharmacy screwed it up they should refund you without needed a return.

  23. Aetna required step therapy for me. Ozempic, trulicity, Jardiance and Saxenda. 12 weeks each and failed all four.

  24. Jeez they put you through quite the ringer! Do you have CVS Aetna?

  25. Just got that denial. My coworker didn’t have to do all that- lucky girl! Did they approve after failing all four?

  26. This is making me second guess continuing my sub.

  27. Holy crap me too. I have received every X since the very first one but this is starting to look too risky! I would hate ALL of the above.

  28. I fixed my quiz so I could get the Protini serum and Pat McGrath gloss but now I’m worried I’ll get this Sugar balm instead.

  29. Just woke up in the middle of the night with an upset tummy, so of course I had to make myself feel better and buy a couple of things 😅. I do LOVE the Tower 28 spray. Really helps calm my eczema.

  30. I’m so annoyed. I was supposed to get the Tower 48 spray in a bag and didn’t. They sent replacements and it wasn’t there. They said they were OOS but now it’s in pop up. Ugh.

  31. Do you have CVS? Is it on your formulary? How long did the initial denial take? My PA was submitted to Aetna on Friday and crickets. My Coworker had it approved last year but my provider said they’ve gotten more strict in 2023.

  32. Had a really long dry spell too after getting a Sealy mattress back in April...recently got a Georgio Armani (liquid eyeshadow) that I'm excited to review!

  33. Damn I’m so jealous you got the mattress. I got the survey but wasn’t picked.

  34. What was the time frame when you filled out this survey and got this email. I was given a perfume survey a few days ago and want to know how long should I wait

  35. Survey- December 7- notification that I’m in- January 3

  36. There was one last week so I’m not getting my hopes up.

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