1. I'm a straight male that's feminine, never had an issue. Personally I think the only issue here is your toxic mentality. Anyone can be whoever the hell they want. My sister will not submit to a man, and i fully support her in that decision. Shes happy with her life, im happy with my life, so right away what you said is complete bull.

  2. i see why you may think i need help but I'm fine really if you knew the entire truth to the world in the eyes of bots you'll be labeled crazy too. society has us brainwashed that being whatever you want to be and being feminine is ok. masculinity is the ultimate power of a man and that's where all the strength is to deal with issues in life you are a cuck and your wife is a dominatrix that's also brainwashed you into thinking it's okay. no one likes weak feminine men but there are fish in the entire food chain and each fish serves its purpose whether you wanna be a goldfish or a shark is up to you and you are free to be whoever. It's science and in biology that's why there is testosterone and estrogen.. both brains are wired generally very differently unless a genetic

  3. what are you nervous about you literally had the green light all you had to do is get the woman a drink or ask where shes from and spiral down the convo from there.. sometimes all you need is to drink a cup of beer yourself lol. when shit like that happens get touchy like touch her back or shoulder or neck if she gets touchy too then that's another green light dude.

  4. nothing just make piercing eye contact without breaking and talk to them very slowly and relaxed. had this happen to me and to this day I bet they would still quiver in fear oooo my legs.

  5. i think you are a terrible human being. if her dad was abusive and drank a lot then that's another story.

  6. It's okay to laugh at them when they react goofy in a situation that doesn't freak them out. And look at the dog's stance after getting the cheese slapped in their face. This is not a happy/positive reaction. And it's shitty enough of a dog owner to do this at all, no matter how the dog reacts.

  7. its incredible how retarded most people are I agree with you that this is not how you treat animals.

  8. edit: YOU let them in the car with a slushie. YOU set the boundaries. You both sound retarded and unable to handle emotions

  9. damn what are you a wrestler? maybe talk to your parents or dad about creatine? could help with water retention and synthesis ideally peanut butter and jelly sandwiches if prepared right will have upwards of 500 calories each paired with almond oil and maple syrup with french toast for a cheap weight gain.drink lots of water your body is still growing you should not look like who ever you are trying to look like if they are older than you especially over the 30's because their body is fully developed.

  10. I understand you are used to being more outside though your momma let you wonder around as a kid didn't she. lol

  11. software testing is no easy task.. youd want to look into selium testing.. become familiar and apply to gaming studios otherwise learn a programming language become really good at one language and apply as jr dev..

  12. write things down you will trigger more synapses and become familiar with the terminology of what you are learning. this helped me learn a years worth of geometry in a week and pass my exam. classical music or white noise, dopamine detox.

  13. gotta learn the proper breathing technique bro part of ice therapy is breathing right

  14. I do health and life and try to average 400 a day. If you do that it pays off

  15. Hey go for it…but in honesty 400 isn’t a lot. I’ve seen other agencies where they require at least 500 a day. Most I’ve done is 600 but I was just powering through.

  16. yall mfers aint livin life watch yall get hit by a car tomorrow then wtf you live for dialing people all day to get hung up on for a few bucks..


  18. That’s still bullshit ever heard of a audio engineer? They don’t have licenses yet it’s a official title California is on one

  19. Yeah for doctors def should be illegal to say you are one without a doctorates but for engineers I feel that’s an ego thing some retard felt offended to see other engineers didn’t have to study for 5 years and felt butthurt to pass a law. If my doctor told me he never went to school I’d be pissed too.

  20. Reminds me of that Sam Andreas mansion where you had to sneak around with a silencer

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