1. I think Trezz will get a look in the playoffs, but Doc will ultimately resort to playing PJ Tucker at center for the 8 minutes per game Embiid sits.

  2. Yeah this needs to be upvoted more. They were expected to be competing for a ring and nearly missed the playoffs all together.

  3. The West used to be so stacked, now the bottom half of the West playoff bracket wouldn’t make the playoffs in the East.

  4. James Harden, if you are reading this, please take me out clubbing with you and Lil Baby. And as a cherry on top, please gift me floor seats and dap me up after you hit a stepback 3.

  5. He gave away 4 assets to max a guy who said he would have come a few months later anyway and took a paycut to leave a door open to leave soon again. How is that a fleece? A real fleece would have been trading Simmons for assets and depth and forcing the Nets into a sign and trade to offload Harris.

  6. After months of “Morey is delusional, he is holding out for a star but nobody would trade a star for Simmons”, eventually Morey was able to trade Simmons (bad contact, back injury), two journeymen (major defensive liabilities in the playoffs), and two mediocre draft picks for a former MVP, who is admittedly past his prime but still putting up good stats and took a team-friendly deal.

  7. Embiid leads the whole league in scoring, and he’s the best defensive center in the NBA imo. How does that not make him the Most Valuable Player?

  8. Kobe wasn’t the best player on 3 of those championships

  9. Shaq and Kobe were 1a and 1b, you can’t treat Kobe like he’s Khris Middleton or something

  10. Larry Bird’s highest scoring game in the Finals is 29 points btw

  11. This is not about race. Ersan Ilyasova lied about his age too.

  12. I think Bojan is underrated because he’s not very good looking and he gets confused with the other Bogdonovic.

  13. It really isn't. It was a great game when it came out but boardgames design has advanced greatly since then.

  14. This is such bullshit analysis of Catan. I’ve played a lot of Catan, and I can say without a doubt there is huge importance on the social aspect of the game. Yeah, if you brag that you’re about to win - you’ll get robbed and nobody will trade with you. If you cut off somebody’s road - that person will rob you and won’t trade with you. You need to barter and reason with your opponents, sometimes even deceive them to get the victory. I love that the game isn’t simply based in luck and skill - that’s what makes the game so unique, you really need to cooperate with the other players.

  15. If the social aspect is hugely important, why are you wasting your time rolling dice for resources and building roads/cities? It's unfocused.

  16. This just shows your lack of experience playing Catan. You can’t see other players’ Development Cards, which could contain a monopoly card. There’s a deceptive tactic called a ‘dirty mono’ where you trade away a type of resource and then use the monopoly card to steal it right back. But aside from monopoly cards, there are other Development Cards like road building and year of plenty that can be strategically played to unexpectedly settle on a great spot before other players realize you have the resources to do so.

  17. Lmao at all the haters who won’t admit Harden is still a top 5 player

  18. Really? The same guy who made a career out of STEALING and SHOOTING?

  19. Yeah JJ edited out the part of his Ben Simmons interview when Ben Simmons was trashing Seth Curry’s defense on Huerter in the Hawks series in order to deflect blame from his offensive struggles.

  20. In 5 years Zion is going to be in the GOAT conversation alongside MJ!

  21. I don’t see how MJ is in your GOAT conversation when other legends like Duncan, Kareem, and Bill Russell matched Jordan’s accomplishments, but displayed far superior professionalism and grace. Everyone conveniently forgets that Jordan was a gambler and a ball hog. And he played in a weak NBA that expanded too fast in the early 90s.

  22. Older long time respected assistant with a dry demeanor finally gets his first shot at the big chair when the overrated out of touch 3rd year coach, who doesn't develop young players and rode multiple HOFers to a title on a hated northeast team in the late 2000s but has underperformed since, becomes public enemy #1 and gets fired after an atrocious start with a talented roster that had high expectations; then the interim guy rights the ship for a magical playoff run and becomes a Philly hero.

  23. I am 100% in favor of moving on from Glenn and promoting Dan Burke, Dave Joeger, or Sam Cassell.

  24. The Wizards fatal flaw was changing the team name from the Bullets. That old team name was so badass and the new one is dorky. And they totally botched the cherry blossom jerseys.

  25. Best puncher of teammates to play the game

  26. Shame on you, Subers, for enabling Ben Simmons!

  27. Iverson for sure. The Sixers won game 1 of the 2001 Finals, with probably the best game of Iverson’s career. They were the only team to even take a game off the 2001 Lakers. The Sixers won the Eastern Conference, gotta give it to Iverson.

  28. The Sixers won the luckiest game 1 ever. They were in two 7 game series before that.

  29. Iverson lost to the eventual champions, arguably the greatest team of all time. Iverson won the Eastern Conference. Despite being the smallest player on the court.

  30. Who are you to judge OP’s past? Just give him solutions.

  31. I hate trae young so much, but I gotta admit that was beautiful

  32. and app layout that only shows up when it's your post

  33. And the whole only posting twitter links for Shams tweets but not Woj tweets

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