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  1. This is every programmers dream. My day is similar, but replace 2PM-5PM with - write code for the project I am assigned to.

  2. I have had the experience of telling management, during the meeting to discuss the issue, that I have already coded a fix for the issue and deployed it to environments for testing.

  3. My 1993 Ford ranger XLT has a bottle style jack that fits behind one of the jump seats in the back of the "extended" cab.

  4. I've had the following problems on my 93 Ranger realting to bad idle, stalling:

  5. We know. That's why we keep moving here.

  6. Fleeing liberal hell-hole states is very in right now.

  7. My boss wants me to take the tests for these, and I have like 0 interest in doing so. Just let me code in peace.

  8. This is a cheaper version of [[Quicksilver Amulet]] with the benefit of also being a 1/1 creature. It ties you to green mana though.

  9. Went to a very small concert venue. Maybe 150 people there max. Probably 100 by the time we left. I had asked a friend who had been to this particular venue before if they had metal detectors / security and he assured me they did not when he had gone.

  10. My ranger has bucket seats from an old mercury minivan. Anything is possible if you're willing to work for it.

  11. I'm currently working on a project where the developer before me, who quit, put 'await' / 'async' in front of every function in the entire solution.

  12. That's almost 25%, or 1 in every 4 people. This brings much needed hope.

  13. It wasn’t at 5pm, but my old boss literally did this, scheduling an extra meeting between the morning standup (30 mins but often longer) and the weekly meeting (1h but usually 2) to talk about what we could do to be more productive

  14. It's gotten to the point where I don't even open up my projects unless I have at MINIMUM an hour of un-interrupted time. Because it's not even worth it. By the time I figure out what I am looking at and what I need to do it's time for another meeting.

  15. This has an interface that allows you to show cards in different languages:

  16. Facebook Marketplace, and time. That's what it took to find mine.

  17. A small 4 pin like that is usually something small like lights or a fan.

  18. Why do my joins always go left instead of right?

  19. Graphics Driver? - Don't just do the auto update - actually go to the company website and search for your card and see if there is a newer version then your current one.

  20. No - You're just a looney liberal who doesn't live in the real world. Next question.

  21. Ugh. I had this today. SQL kept telling me there was an error on line 22, of a SQL query with 21 lines of code. Infuriating.

  22. Had this exact issue. Ended up being a broken relay in the fuse box. They're like a $10 or less part. Looks like a 2" square cube.

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