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  1. The bakery cakes at Lowes are AMAZING. Also, their fresh made sausages. They make them every day and the “Sausage Guy” is always great to ask for ideas!

  2. Their sausages are great. If I don’t know what to do for dinner I’ll usually just stop by and grab a pack and grill them up.

  3. I asked my friend if he’d be interested in buying my trained racing goose. He said “I’ll take a quick gander.”

  4. It’s a complicated topic lol. But regardless of personal opinion the jet is already being integrated into three different branches so cancelling it would be like reaching the finish line of a marathon and then shooting yourself in the knee

  5. Overdramatically moaning after the guy put two inches of his cock inside her.

  6. Or the woman moaning when she’s doing something to someone else and nothing is being done to her.

  7. Ehh touching or stimulating a sex partner can be moan-inducing for some women. If I really like a guy, I often make noise during oral because I find the experience arousing.

  8. Yeah I should have clarified. I’m talking about intense moaning at the very first touch that sounds like they’re about to climax.

  9. Hey now, we should be engineering things with weight capacities that include people who lie about their weight

  10. Operation Miaow Miaow. Purr-fect execution required.

  11. Not trying to make fun, I swear. Where do you live that it’s “Miaow” and not “meow”. Just curious.

  12. I believe it’s a GPS telemetry collar, probably for research purposes or tracking wildlife demographics.

  13. "except for if required by destination "

  14. Yeah, my understanding as to why RC cruises out of Florida still require vaccination is because the eastern Caribbean islands still require visitors to be vaccinated.

  15. Pro tip dont use rolling chairs or things with wheels for inclined push ups.

  16. While “thank you” doesn’t actually make sense, that’s what I usually say. Or “I appreciate that” or “I appreciate your support”.

  17. I would have chose Emma Watson thank God you didn't name her

  18. Unless there’s a huge catastrophic event like a meteor or total nuclear war, I don’t think it will be one reason. More likely it will be a combination of the effects of overpopulation, climate change, pollution, pandemics, etc that will do us in. Probably won’t be total extinction either. When our population takes a major hit, a lot of those issues will likely reverse, albeit very slowly.

  19. Based on the comments, I have to ask: what is the value of boat at which we stop feeling bad for the owner and start celebrating their loss. I’m sure most people would feel bad for me if my $6000 boat burned up, but most people seem to be happy that a $24MM boat burned. Wonder where the threshold is.

  20. So like, you've got your regular belt, then a belt for that belt, that you then put the duty belt on?

  21. Typically, You have some sort of inner belt that goes through your belt loops and holds your pants up. Then you have your duty belt, which all your gear is on. Either Velcro or little straps called belt keepers hold the two together.

  22. Not great execution. The pockets on the back should be up at the top instead of on her butt.

  23. Is this in the UK or Australia? Asking because of the hyphenated “co-operation”

  24. I remember my mom drilling the proper way to respond when someone answered the phone: “Good evening Mr. Smith, this is Jimmy Jones, is Sarah available to come to the phone?”

  25. Bro I could memorize back then. Now, not so much.

  26. I can’t memorize new phone numbers now, but I can still tell you my home number and my two closest friends’ numbers from when I was a kid in the 80’s.

  27. It’s also being reported that air travel is now preferred over taking a train.

  28. Take a look at eMed. I think it’s $30 per test. They’ll send you a kit and it includes proctoring. You don’t even have to schedule an appointment with them. Just scan the QR code on the box whenever your read. Super easy and convenient.

  29. We just got done with a fully packed cruise on the Mariner. Lines at the buffet were negligible. The pool area was pretty full but not unbearably so. Lines for slides and flow rider were probably the shortest I’ve ever seen.

  30. The open water swim is so dangerous because unfortunately a lot of people get really anxious and nervous. People who don't practice open water swims are floundering. Open water swimming is so different from training in a pool. You have to constantly sight and see where you are going. Under water, you can't see anything but maybe a couple feet ahead of you. Especially with thousands of people kicking and splashing ahead of you. And add in current or waves, people can accidentally panic and start hyperventilate. I had my first open water swim at Ironman Wisconsin and it was choppy waters. A lot of people just were like nopes and turned back to go back to shore.

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