1. Definitely my favorite type of pie ;)

  2. I love deepthroating my roomie's cock until he shoots cum down my throat while he's gaming <3

  3. yesss pleez - slap my face with that cock & call me names - make me your spun bitch!

  4. A good smack of the hard cock against my lips is irresistible

  5. No this is the best you on your low as possible the look straight up and a cock flops out and stah on.the boat

  6. I'm relieved I'm not alone in facing such a mess, but I'm sorry it's happening to you too.

  7. Im not computer smart at.all maybe down load a different emulator

  8. a 8 ball that it thought was ice but i wasn't idk what it was super clear but really hard to to crush and when i.snorted no burn.and sweet tasting

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