1. I got the one with browns. First set of tactiles and they come prelubed. Honestly I love them on my work board for typing vs linears. Tape, case foam, pcb foam, and lubed&clipped stabz. I'm loving it for a budget board

  2. Have you rma'd? I love mine. Much cooler and quieter than my xc3 ultra 3090. I wouldnt say mine is loud at all inside a 4000D

  3. Oh I see, you’re trolling, I hope you’re having fun, bye.

  4. I went from xc3 ultra 3090 to ftw3 ultra 3080ti and gained in 1440p gaming performance while dropping memory temps by 40⁰ lol

  5. Lubed/modded my ducky one 2 mini. Definitely made a difference

  6. Why does the evga website list the 3080ti as a KR ? Isn’t KR the non-LHR cards while KL are the LHR cards?

  7. KR and KB are to differentiate bought from retail model vs direct from evga model. Same exact units they say just different serials. Most who have rma'd that had KB 3090s received KR. Including myself

  8. I went from overclocked xc3 ultra 3090 to stock clock speed ftw3 ultra 3080ti and gained in 1440p gaming performance. 4k gaming is almost same in most games. I traded down, got cash in my pocket, and gained performance/much better gpu temps. No editing/rendering here so wasn't need for the extra vram

  9. I had a less than year old evga ga 850w take itself out and my xc3 ultra 3090. Cable mod full replacement cables were used no daisy chaining. After posting on Facebook many others had similar issues with that particular psu as well

  10. Just looked it up if I can sell all the extras for what they normally cost I'm still paying $400 extra for the FTW3 3090 over msrp. Its just not that worth it for me unfortunately. Back to patiently waiting lol.

  11. I just seen that. I had the xc3 ultra 3090 overclocked, now have 3080ti ftw3 ultra and with stock clocks fps is practically the same gaming/streaming if that's also an option. If one pops up those have been more frequent

  12. Totally understand. Hopefully soon bud. I think their que is broken I've had a buddy get 2 3080ti ftw3 ultras and the 3080ti hybrid

  13. Cross ship rma, when replacement arrives you can swap backplates, fans, shrouds etc then ship defective back arriving in factory condition. Just dealt with same for my painted gpu. That was evga tech advice

  14. Wait a minute. I thought that the serial number sticker is on the backplate?

  15. It is but if he carefully removed it before painting it instead of painting over it should be good

  16. Personally just had outstanding customer service with them after sending my xc3 ultra 3090 in for rma but was painted white. Had to jump through hoops but they took care of it eventually even for second owner. Give em a call for sure

  17. Currently rocking a 1080 and i5 9600k. Runs warzone 1080p 120-130fps flawlessly. Definitely a beast of a card

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