1. Not necessarily all... well not specific memories no, but some things I have learned yes

  2. He'll maybe just go for weekends away once a month or something. Maybe take up a sport/hobby together

  3. I would say yes, but then post on ask reddit asking if anyone would do the same thing for half a billion

  4. Probably not known by all that many redditers, not that awesome

  5. Can I downvote without googling pls? Should actually do that for you making everyone search instead of just explaining

  6. you could just "askreddit" how a sprig of mistletoe can kill anything...

  7. The whole body was one all covered in hair. When removing it, evolution said: uhhh, I'll get that bit later

  8. Depends on how you feel about receiving unprotected anal sex

  9. Some prankster called the school and said they'd planted a bomb. Although it was just a hoax in the end it wasn't done as a practise

  10. This would be the top comment in Vladimir Putin's AMA

  11. How can I punch someone in the face without being violent?

  12. Stop making lgbt propaganda and discriminating straight people.

  13. Anywhere you do it unless you can hold your breath long enough

  14. Friend once told me how he ran out of a room and heard the shotgun go off and blood splatter the wall as he passed through the doorway

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