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  1. Just ask all the kids with "metal" shirts on. And if you're looking for an actual singer, maybe one of the chorus/choir kids might surprise you. I'm 34 and I've been singing in bands since I was 15. The Zen of Screaming DVD is honestly the "Holy Grail" of singing/screaming tutorials. Find someone with personality and drive, give them that video and watch it happen.

  2. We've all been there, m8, We've all been there...

  3. It’s so fucking annoying lmao, it’s always in the adds

  4. I have a theory in that it's an attempt at the same idea used in traumacore. In traumacore they use things from their childhood like Hello Kitty and surround it in dark themes, usually revolving around a specific trauma as a kind of art therapy. I would say this is the same but it's not really trauma on display here, just sad teenagers.

  5. I’m a guitarist, and I would like to try out for marching band because I figure it would be really fun. I have a little bit of experience drumming before, but I am far from perfect. I have been practicing it, but if someone could send me a video of them playing it so I can just reassure myself I’m doing it right that would be awesome. Idk how you want to send it to me, so my discord is Codsby#8319. Thanks

  6. And it hasn't been a day since you felt your asshole tear

  7. my favorite Kirby game! I played the hell outta that one

  8. Just asking. Why are you in middle school?

  9. Ahh amazing! Thanks! Was that in reply to my IG story? Always looking for good suggestions to be fair and Corey had been requested the most by far!

  10. Hell yeah! I’m the one of the people who suggested this!

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