1. Zero give as she hits the end of the rope length, not even a slight bit of “bungie” motion.

  2. I see your point (also fellow climber, and engineer here). Fairly confident this is a dynamic rope, but the way the energy was dissipated, it didn't really show much give since the enegery went to throwing her body like a rag doll. I also am just choosing to believe that her + her belayer + her camera man + anyone else around aren't cumulatively dumb enough to lead climb on a static rope outdoors. It takes a long time to build the skill to do something like this, and these mistakes are all something we have probably done at some point (besides the no helmet)... She just happened to catch all the mistakes as she's about to fall.

  3. As somebody who doesn't do climbing... why would anyone ever want to climb using a static rope? Are there any advantages over a dynamic one?

  4. Static ropes are for belaying, ascending or being tied into something. You want a static rope when you want predictability. You want a dynamic rope to catch falls lol

  5. Can I just say, I feel like the chameleon is overplayed? You can get that paint on almost every major brands flagship bike... And a lot of people do.

  6. Bro I mf love this thing. Screw the guys with the Cinelli's and HED's, give me this any day.

  7. Gorgeous bike, but I don't really understand the point of riding this fixed. Can someone explain? Can't commute comfortably, can't dirt jump without your legs whirling off... I guess you can do tricks, but no manuals, difficult tailwhips, tough to ride in a bowl, etc etc.

  8. Fixed is my fun bike to ride with friends or around town. My other bikes have purposes. Geared road bike - road group rides. Full suspension mountain bike- mountains. Single speed adventure bike - gravel/bike packing.

  9. Pretty sure you have it backwards. Since you read left to right (in English) and since you're a person of culture who knows how to take drive side photos of a bice... ICAN rear, HUNT front.

  10. Lmao wtf was up with the Italians 30 years ago. I feel like Chiantis have the most unique bottles... By far.

  11. I do and I don't. I have a bike path that goes directly from my neighborhood to the downtown area of my city. If I am on that bike path 100% of the ride to my destination, then I don't. If I touch any road that a car is on (other than my neighborhood street to get to the bike path) I have a helmet on.

  12. I sincerely apologize for the haters in this sub in advance.

  13. He wrapped his frame with red tape in protest of all the red tape dental insurance companies make him jump through.

  14. Why do you have a barbell sitting precariously on the edge of your seats cushion?

  15. Did he give you 1,000 bottles, or did he just say "these are ~definitely~ worth 20k dude trust me"

  16. When you’re done with the bottle you can stick the neck in the ground and you have an ash tray. Very French.

  17. This is clearly the right answer. Idk what the "manufacturing engineers" are talking about in this thread.

  18. This is his excuse to his wife. He can't satisfy her like her boyfriend can.

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