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  1. I mean I’m petty enough, I’d just reply with “moooo”. See how long it takes him to understand his fuckup after that.

  2. No matter how annoying the neighbors may be with fireworks, iwndwyt

  3. A relative posted a criticism in a mom group about my kids crib after we let her see our nursery setup. This was after they left our home with piles of stuff we gave them for their upcoming baby. They didn’t realize my so was in the same mom group. It was priceless when my so commented on the post and just said “Hi ________”. We don’t see them anymore.

  4. Oh my god!!!!!! Amazing. I’m so sorry that happened to you….the absolute audacity, especially after receiving free gifts from you! I can’t even imagine.

  5. Honestly, it was almost worth it happening. We weren’t big fans of them as it was, and just getting to see the awkward attempts at explaining it and making excuses was so damned funny. Tried saying it was about another person when it was super obvious because of the details. So we have one less Christmas card to write. No big loss.

  6. Address fields, the bane of any admin or product owner trying to map into salesforce.

  7. Old use case was that there may be one headquarters with numerous satellite offices. Good fucking luck tracking that with the SF address fields. Created a junction object called Locations that was literally just a list of addresses. Added the google maps url that grabbed the address and displayed it as a map. Just that good ol janky admin shit you gotta do.

  8. There exist also the standard object Location now. It can be really helpful for such use case.

  9. Yep. As with all good ideas raised by the Salesforce community, it only took a decade or so to implement

  10. Get the tickets now. The way things have been, being able to make your park reservations now for future dates is really key. I didn’t, and it fucked up my trip royally. Like the other poster said, Disney can convert and credit you.

  11. The book was available for free download on kindle so I downloaded it to give it a try. This was over a year ago, before the show was announced. In the forward the author says some completely cringe shit, and it’s hilarious. Sounds like he and Pratts brother probably get along well. It’s so cringe I couldn’t even read the book.

  12. Good for you man, congratulations. That was a really good purchase.

  13. We got lucky. I thought it was a dumb purchase at the time but between that and the boardwalk one we got on the resale we got very lucky. We also did the trick where we bought like 25 add on points to secure the DVC member perks before they changed that too. Pre pandemic we could go once a year and stay in great spots for minimal expense. Since chapek has shown up it’s honestly made me question keeping my contract. Any money I saved on not having to pay for a room has been obliterated by the park costs. Not being able to get an annual pass has been the shits.

  14. Hell man, it’s crazy expensive. I’m preparing to spend 10k on rooms/tickets for a family of 6. It’ll likely be the only time I can afford to take the kids to WDW and I almost fell stupid spending that much but I have to take them yknow? My parents took me when I was like 10 and we never made it back. I’ve promised myself since my oldest was born that someday I’d be able to take the kids to WDW for a really nice vacation. she’s 8 now and has 3 siblings. I know I could save money by staying off site or at an all star but I want to make it as nice as possible for my wife and kids because even if we saved a couple thousand we’d still probably only be able to ever afford it once. I just hope it’s as special for them as it was for me at that age. I see a lot of people on here that are DVC owners or manage to go annually or every other year and I’m just like man that must be something. I’m glad you were able to get in when you did, and I hope the park expenses level out to keep the magic alive for you and yours.

  15. I have 2 pieces of advice. First is to not overlook the handiness of ordering grocery delivery and doing breakfast in the room. I always fall for the breakfast buffets and regret it as I spend the morning sweating out bacon grease.

  16. I mean, just…. ::gestures towards boobs:: that’s why.

  17. Well Karen jokes are sometimes cringey and overused but ultimately harmless. When someone says "Let's Go Brandon" they're just showing that they're an asshole.

  18. Hey that’s not fair. Them saying “Let’s go Brandon” doesn’t automatically mean they’re an asshole.

  19. I still remember about 2 months ago being at a Buffalo Wild Wings with some friends who were working at a convention and seeing a couple of teenage girls wearing shirts that had a huge "LET'S GO BRANDON!" with crossed rifles and a bunch of almost militant phrases on them. And the thing is, this was right in the middle of a very blue area of a very blue state. I remember seeing them (they were seated facing away from me a couple of tables away) and just shaking my head.

  20. I’m in a very very blue state but we still have 19 year old guys in lifted pickups with confederate flags on them. Like, my state couldn’t be more blue, but these assholes are out here flying their loser flag.

  21. Was this the same episode where he played Needle and the Damaged Done back to back with Harvest Moon?

  22. That may have been a different one. I know on this episode he also played No More.

  23. Give me a diablo sandwich, a Dr. Pepper, and make it quick, I'm in a gotdamn hurry.

  24. Good news! The tires are in good shape! The rim, however…

  25. The rim is in a good shape too. Not a round shape, but still good.

  26. The Womens Battle Royal at Mania a few years ago. Nattie got eliminated and when she hit the floor her pants ripped right up the crotch and the world got a good look at Natties cooch.

  27. It’s a great movie. Voight is good in it because his character is written to be a really dumb guy.

  28. Is it method acting if you keep playing the role for 50+ years?

  29. Oh they target them too, just watch any ad on Fox News.

  30. Seriously, these morons are probably lining up to buy those new my pillow sandals. And why not. Gonna need those shower shoes in prison.

  31. On top of everything else, this really seals the deal for him being the absolute worst. Lmfao

  32. Ezra Miller is the kind of person to be on speakerphone in public

  33. Weird. You’d think they’d be better at talking about it since they’re really good at doing it.

  34. It's a reference to Creed from The Office.

  35. Coworker and wife were expecting. He went to the first ultrasound appointment and when he came back he looked pale and barely spoke

  36. I was a 17 year old working at Starbucks when we got 2 new RMT trainees. Basically store managers to be. One guy had been a stock trader but loved music and wanted to have more time for that. He’d saved money so he decided to work for Starbucks for the benefits while he works on his music.

  37. fuck hope he is ok after raising 5 kids at once. must have been a little bit of hell for him

  38. I’m of two minds. I’ve got 2 but they’re different ages. It’s a lot. They’re close enough in age for both to be needy but have different needs which makes it hard. 5 is way too many but at least you can do 5 of the same thing every time

  39. So Jimmy Havoc working at DPD Joey working at Disneyland Scurll is still a wrestler somehow And the class of 57 had there dreams

  40. Yes. It’s browser based, there is no hardware requirement.

  41. Just goes to show what you can get away with when you’re jolly and personable.

  42. Once a year some jolly fat fuck steals my cookies and milk but every year I leave my plate out again. I guess things could be worse.

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