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  1. The funny thing is I got it done in a few hours because I did nothing but find the stone circles and raid every tomb on the map at the very start of the game. So I played the whole story as Isu Bayek starting at Alexandria

  2. Same lol, I only had to stop to level up so I could kill those stupid snakes in one of the tombs

  3. Some people just dont care about crowns, they are pretty useless aside from bragging. I drop mine all the time.

  4. And also a big free "Hey, I'm here" button.

  5. I mean yea, but I haven’t played to win in like a year so…

  6. There’s no where they can run, there’s no where they can hide

  7. Someone who doesn’t want to spend their life savings on a PC

  8. Dude I REALLY want to go to Notre Dame if it’s ever rebuilt

  9. Oh boy I’m sure this comment section is going to be very civil! I’ll bring the popcorn 🍿

  10. As one who doesn't believe, I can very much respect this view. The most important thing is being a decent human being.

  11. Shouldn't it be gang awareness or something like it rather than "white people bad"?

  12. The problem is that many black people are beaten/killed because of the color of their skin. No one is saying white people bad are that all lives don’t matter. The problem is the deeper message being sent. It’s trying to counter BLM

  13. But many more are killed because of gangs in america. I would support a movement behind being anti-gang.

  14. And so would I and many others. Though a blank person being killed because they’re black is messed up. Hell at least with gang violence they don’t discriminate

  15. Because black people are being killed for their race. So saying “I also have problems!” Is undermining theirs. Yes All lives DO matter, but for all lives to matter black lives have to be treated equally to other lives

  16. White people are getting killed for their race. Asians are getting killed for their race. Religious people are getting killed by the sake of other religions. I can keep going..

  17. In America the majority of white people are not killed because the color of their skin. Yet black people are. So saying — group I’m apart of also has problems is kinda selfish and undermining the problem at hand.

  18. Nah I’m mad because I only played it like 3 times and payed full price

  19. I believe you also have to delete them in the cloud, but I’m not sure

  20. Man what has apple been doing to their devices recently?? First they slow older devices down and now they're blatantly lying to consumers just to get some more money out of them. Its like they're intentionally trying to lose sales, but being unsuccessful due to brand loyalty

  21. You realize they slowed phones down to conserve battery life right? The phones were drawing too fast with the new iOS stuff so they had to slow the phones down.

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