1. Vanguards VWRL is 0.22%. We are comparing all world funds not S&P funds.

  2. I wouldn't rely only on US.. They are already at the top.. You should invest in some third world country too. Look at the BRICS states. Or eastern europe.. or south africa. These countries have the possibilty to grow. Hungary is making new accumulator factories for exemple. (China's investments) Poland will be the new middlepower of eastern europe and is one of the fastest growing economies in europe. Turkey is skyrocketing now. You could triple your money investing in them. What about the saudis?.. There is so much more to these countries..

  3. I do not think you understand what's going on with Turkey to try convince anyone to invest there.

  4. You can't transfer . What you can do sale all on Flatex transfer to your bank account and latter tansfer to 212

  5. 40% is only for higher earner bracket so you skipped that info

  6. 15% is base withold tax + at least another 20% on lower bracket . Like I said dividend gurus are scam

  7. Good for you 👍 , " only" 24% of total tax each time you get dividend

  8. Read about etf , especially about two concepts s&p500 or ftse all world ( with acumulted dividend for efficency) .

  9. True ,but just to decipher global etf

  10. Did you ever heard about p/e ratio?

  11. You're actually retarded lmao you really belong here.

  12. Ok in very simple words they business is on -400 mil , and only thing that keep them a float is sales of shares.

  13. Simply not true - they are investing in the business. They have pumped over 600 mil into the NFT space but all you see is the negative number. Check any other NASDAQ listed stock you moron

  14. Amazing concept, but just advice as you are from uk ( you put price in piunds) . Open isa account directly on Vanguard website, and pick up acumulative ( for better efficiency) index fund s&p500 or ftse all world . 212 is good but in uk you got access to Vanguard directly

  15. What is your country of orgin , that is important to compare to other products. And no ibkr is inferior product on every scale, they overcomplicated fees system is created to confuse customers as example.

  16. No clue about this part if Europe. But if you compare only 212 and ibkr . 212 is much better product.

  17. Your answer still avoid simple math . How much cash you will get on previous example?

  18. I'm not interested in answering your stupid question.

  19. Again you just ignored blunt true that , not all taxes are avoided.

  20. depend on country of your orgin but usually bettwen 3-10 working days

  21. Totaly not a scam trying to extract your personal details :D , like everone know taxes in europe are paid same...

  22. You don't own any of the stocks you buy, the broker owns it on your behalf and issues and IOU (literally means: I Owe U).

  23. There is strict law in EU and GB protecting custodian accounts , then this stock is not only iou . There is no need to spread missinformation . You money. stock,options everything on account is protected up to 85k *

  24. Tax will not instantly knock to your door .But give them a time and you will get knock to door with tax+fees+huge penalty for avoid. They don't need even to try in that time everything is linked system will find you automaticly.

  25. 0.41 % gains 😉 I hope you didn't miss your tesla booking

  26. yeah? in just a few minutes? compound intrest? say you own £1000 it goes up by 0.41%, by the end of the first day, assuming 2 0.41% increases a day, you would have £1008.22 in a day, extrapolate that and in a year you could have £18k, if you started with 10k, you would have 183k in a single year.

  27. In theory yes , but in practice you got 0 clue it is not working

  28. I do not have access to details srx8 , you should send email with quick question to ishares . Easy straight answer from source it will take up to 5 working days. Me reserch do not provide straight answer , and googled question change ticker of etf For scp1 and that is not same

  29. Any source? Like I said csp1 show physical sxr8 is different product

  30. You should pullback from giving any advice they are absolutely useless.0/10

  31. More like pepega scam kid server :D

  32. Only for AML and KYC. Cant take them to court cos they robbed ya.

  33. They can be taken to court in any europen country

  34. Karen would u like to speak with manager?

  35. Nope I own 0 position on eToro my darling, I'm here to tell people what a bs scam eToro is

  36. Somehow strange lurk on etoro forum...

  37. You still here ? Besides you do not use or hold anything on etoro . Creepy

  38. Ibkr fees will eat your trading alive .They over a boat pricing is constructed to confuse customers , in simple word stay away from ibkr.

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