Boston 4/24 at 8:37pm

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"Tictac drone" in Hawaii.

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  1. Cool lampshade suspended from the trees

  2. This could be the fuselage of the jet after the wings fell off or something

  3. I’m straight up crying on the train hearing this news. I feel like Scott is an older brother to me

  4. I’m crying because I just watched that old train movie and it scared the wits out of me!

  5. Looks like a water drainage runoff painted white

  6. We posted at the same time! What's more interesting (for those who don't know) is that water is diverted from other states in Mexico and sent up (literally up, remember Mexico City is high in elevation) to supply drinking water for Mexico City. Estimates put it at roughly about 60% of that water being lost before it ever gets there due to shitty planning and logistics. And add to it that it sits on top of not just the empty lake, but a now mostly empty aquafer beneath that dry lake bed and that's what makes their ground so unstable.

  7. I live Mexico City so so much (I’ve spent a couple weeks there and I eloped to SMA). It kills me when I think about how it’s all just sitting on top of mud, basically

  8. Dildo hanging from a drone/balloon by some fishing line

  9. Sir, that’s a sex toy stung on a kite

  10. Pitch black night, turn up the brightness on the video super high, turn up the blues. You turn a helicopter into a blue orb. Unless it exhibits any of the five observables, it doesn’t count

  11. I believe that Megafauna were possible in part because there was higher 02 concentration in the atmosphere back when dinosaurs were around and then slowly died out when nimbler predators showed up and started out competing them.

  12. The guy on the right has very muddy boots. Dude in the middle literally has mud on the toes of his shoes, so he’s either a driver or from the super handsome Ukrainian Model/PR brigade

  13. Venus distorted because of a window or lens artifact or maybe ice crystals way up in the atmosphere

  14. I had a girlfriend that would cry after a vigorous bang. She would orgasm and the emotions were so intense for her that she cried. Not bad for a dude with an average-sized cock

  15. This movie is absolutely insane. I think the movie is on the same level as the room, but amplified

  16. I literally bought 30 $OXY sept 16 calls at strike 75 yesterday just because I thought the chart was breaking out and because I saw some tic tok dude post about the tax credit provision in the inflation bill. Holy shit, what a crazy ride today. Sold half on this rip and letting the rest ride

  17. I have been waiting for these sex scenes from her ever since she announced them. I have been drooling for it for months. I hope she is alright, she has not been active on her twitter and hasn’t made anything as of late. I hope she doesn’t retire porn or anything she is made for it

  18. I always liked to think about the limits of our schema when categorizing UAPs. It’s kind of like how the ancient Greeks used to call the color of the the sky and sea “wine dark” because they didn’t have a word for blue. In fact, it would be very hard for one to even see blue in the ancient world unless you had access to lapis lazuli. You may not even be able to really identify the color blue until you see that particular pigment/mineral.

  19. I would recommend residential treatment for 30 days if your insurance covers it. Take FMLA time. Quitting coke on your own after a year will cause some serious post acute withdrawal symptoms, and you’ll need some coping skills and a head start. Best of luck. Better to kick this before you get a bad bag laced with fentanyl

  20. I always thought that is has some basis in what our brains recognize as various forms, in a Platonic sense. They used to speak of sea ships or flaming chariots, magic carpets. But those were salient technologies that we had at the time. In other words, our minds perceive some phenomenon and assign a shape or appearance to it because we are primed due to whatever salient tech we see.

  21. Looks like someone just made a video wipe and trolled the audience

  22. Tell this to the island nation of Kiribas

  23. The AARO Executive Council (AAROEXEC), led by Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence & Security (USD(I&S)) Ronald Moultrie, will provide oversight and direction to the AARO along these primary lines of effort:

  24. They are talking about all threats that are going on in our airspace and space, so it might be in reference to attack satellites or satellites that are designed to take out our own

  25. Maybe it’s the religious senior management we’ve heard about. If they consider the phenomenon to be demonic in nature, there is some logic to not giving it attention. They know there is nothing that can be done to stop them so the best option for now is to pretend they don’t exist since most people won’t have an experience anyway. This perspective is also somewhat in line with the conclusions of resarchers like John Keel.

  26. They are the most religious, conservative branch of the government. Full Stop. If they were to admit that there were lifeforms or other phenomena that weren't "godly", it would piss off a lot of their leadership and their conservative GOP patrons.

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