1. Am currently in Nancy's and it's not closed My sister is in pharma and it's not closed. Not a closing hour but yk

  2. Also alice said how fragile the placenta is so she can’t have anyone hold the baby or even breast feed…newborn babies need to be held….

  3. Where did she say this?

  4. Any recommendations for cheap accommodation that isn't a hostel? Preferably capping at around €400 for 4-5 nights.

  5. I was begging for help in my early teenage years, I'd a lot of trauma in about a month period that really took its toll on me and left me in such a state that I couldn't properly cope with it.

  6. You're a warrior. But you shouldn't had to have been, that's a whole lifetime of shit forced on you in one month. If one of them CAMHS people had the cop on to say "mum, maybe you should wait outside" and had a proper non-judgmental chat to see what was going on, then perhaps you'd have gotten help sooner and steered you away from the risky behaviours.

  7. I found a fiver sweeping the carpark in work today, that was pretty good, got on the bus for free this morning as well.

  8. It might be so that accidental home births are not criminalized.

  9. Having one with a midwife being a crime encourages unassisted births.

  10. Not 'free' but paid for by the taxpayer. Hold the pitchforks though.. that is a good thing.

  11. I'm an18 year old taxpayer. I am glad my taxes will be making sure I do not end up with another unwanted pregnancy

  12. Just moved back to Ireland cunts told me I have to wait a month before they can schedule me in to set up a bank account

  13. The branch in my town is going cashless and there is no other branch within walking distance. I don't drive...

  14. I was working for noonans, and this was only recent, started mid October 21", left late November. Less than a full two months. My supervisor was a raging cunt, hated her. I'd work my hardest every day, but it wasn't good enough for her.

  15. Okay, I'm not trying to defend him but in conneticite, the age of consent is 16. He's a creep, but legally it doesn't stand

  16. At 18 you’re legal meaning you can be with a 89 year old man. Doesn’t mean it’s okay. It’s a loophole for pedos

  17. That's what I was saying. Legally there's no standing, but he's still a creep

  18. Unfortunately, I don't think those messages would hold up in court as evidence against him. He can always just say they were "jokes". I do agree though, neither of them are capable of raising a child and the poor girl is gonna be so traumatized by her mother and father publicizing all of this online. I think it's time CPS gets involved. At least for now until this issue is sorted out.

  19. They absolutely would not hold up in court, because even though the girl is under 18, she's of consenting age.

  20. My bus driver wouldn't except my €20 so a kind lady Infront of me paid for my ticket today. I'll pass that karma on the next opportunity I get. Also seems ridiculous that the leap card is a thing. Why not just use our contactless bank cards ffs!

  21. She’s probably broke too💀she’s not even working

  22. Bro you were asking for money on Instagram like 2 days ago, fuck up about other people's finances

  23. You poor pet. I'd sell my kidney before I go without one

  24. Nothing really. I make less trips to town in the car now I guess due to diesel lol

  25. I spose I'm lucky in the sense I don't drive and bus eireann prices have been reduced by 20%. I also still get a child's ticket everywhere possible, so I haven't had to cut back much

  26. Drivers licence and public service card renewal very fast too.

  27. I don't have either. I also sent in for the age card application yolk back in September, haven't got that yet

  28. I was gonna wait until the Summer rush was over before renewing mine but I may as well just work away if they're that fast.

  29. Ordered mine last Thursday evening. It was here yesterday when I got in from work.

  30. I'm 18. I work full time, easily 55 hours some weeks. I still live at home but pay rent, and cover all my own expenses. I earn anywhere between €400 and 500 a week after tax. Lost my medical card, but don't have much proof of my outgoings to prove I need it. I need a shit load of dental work done, but can't afford it, can't even afford to get the teeth pulled so I've been living in agony for months. I'm shit broke by fucking Sunday, every week without fail. The only savings I have are incase something happens to my cats and they need treatment.

  31. Absolutely not. I'm meant to work Monday to Friday, the only time that suits my lifestyle to be off is anywhere between Friday and Monday, so the head chef has options. So when does he roster me off? Wednesday, Thursday.

  32. I don't understand your complaint. You work in the hospitality sector, in the kitchen, and you expect to have every weekend off because of your lifestyle?

  33. No. Not every weekend. But I'd expect my head chef to be more understanding that I do need a fair amount of Sundays off, especially after working 55 hour weeks for him and coming in on my days off, also the fact he can tell me at 11pm that he needs me in for 8am the nect morning. Also, ive had weekends off since i started here. He changed the roster without giving me any notice, because one of the Brazilians wanted them off.

  34. I don’t think you need to ask here, I think you have the upper hand in this one. I’d nearly pick a hotel that I’d like to work in, call down to the kitchen and speak to a kitchen manager or the head chef. KPs are like gold dust at the moment.

  35. I would prefer not to work in a hotel generally speaking, but like, the morning shift is beautiful. 8am to 4pm, little to no overtime. I'm also looking for either Monday to Friday or Tuesday to Saturday which complicates things a bit, its why I'm leaving my current shithole

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