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  1. Or…hear me out…learn how to play around elusive cards and deck build accordingly. Beginning of every season noobs come into this game and claim it’s OP

  2. Look at my comment history. I have provide a large list of thing that you can do to counter them. I don’t have time to correct everyone’s idiot ideas on this sub lol

  3. Do you mean occasionally defended? He was not the primary defender for over half those names.

  4. Yes. Sometimes when you are the entire team’s offense you don’t get to defend a teams best player for rest purposes. In high leverage situations he would defend them though. Stats don’t lie. Look at the stats. I’m not gonna argue with a guy named bathtub Bobby on the internet 😂 watch the games and look at the DRs during that time

  5. Or…hear me out….give the new archetype more than a few days before you decide whether it’s OP or not. If it’s too OP it’ll get nerfed. No need to get your panties in a bundle.

  6. You can play yummi top and get out of iron. Every champ in the game can get you where you want to go.

  7. Oh shit didn’t realize. I’m not sure why but the bauss has a video about it!

  8. I’m at work rn dm me and I’ll send it to you when I get home

  9. Why is everyone complaining about elusive? It’s called deck building. If you don’t put cards in your deck to counter something you deserve to lose to it. If it’s so broken then maybe play it :) you will get rank 1 in no time.

  10. Remember when lebron threw an ally off the backboard to himself in the half court during a finals game? I remember my jaw dropping even though it’s something I know lebron can do

  11. When you play enough you can surrender in like 1.5 seconds tbh lol

  12. Welcome to game balance. Build your decks to deal with them and don’t just copy and paste a deck. Put thought into it.

  13. A good trick once you are familiar with all the cards in the game is to see if the opponent hovers a card over and over then they most like have a card that deals with your cards. For example if I keep playing strong spells and the opp keeps hovering a card then you know they may have a card like deny

  14. or he's bluffing, or he's having spasm on his mouse, or you're too slow and he gets bored and read his cards, or he has eve and he's simping on it....

  15. Probably the last one lol but no really I did this a lot in season one when deny was splashed in a lot of decks lol

  16. I don’t cry easy at all and it made me cry when I read it

  17. What do "good Chinese Vayne voicelines" have to do with anything?

  18. The OP didn't find the voicelines uncomfortable though.

  19. It still relates to the fact that she is a sexual character in the lol universe and I thought I would tell the OP about a funny video on the internet that pertains to the same topic. Do you not have anything better to do with your day than tell me what other people are thinking?

  20. Interesting way to form a sentence with those quotations

  21. I mean…if you land that on me I’ll say gg and go next.

  22. Can the mods please do something about this guy?

  23. In league it is a toggled option to put her mask on. Her mask is optional not a side effect of her leveling up

  24. I'm a woman and i wouldn't know how to eat pussy so I'm not sure this would be true...

  25. Legenndary skins in league have worked well. If you like the champ enough it’s worth investing but if not it’s perfectly fine to buy cheaper ones

  26. It will be a combo next year along with star guardian hecarim

  27. It’s funny because all of these guys have rings. Who do you want the media to talk about…the kings?

  28. This is a classic case of someone who doesn’t actually watch basketball and would prefer watch Skip bayless

  29. That was a very good team to go divine against holy cow 😂 two pure tanks and Swain who builds a ton of health

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