1. Because fuck the Bengals, that’s why. Why would I cheer for a division rival? It sucks too because we should be where Cinci is right now

  2. Alternate Headline : The Juice is loose in Cleveland.

  3. Your team sold out for a sexual predator and you're STILL not better than us.

  4. I like the way you think Deleted Fetus

  5. Me, put me in instead of Schwartz. And just never pass me the ball.

  6. Im European. God why I choose Browns?? 0 hope

  7. No actually. Is that Starscream? That’s the only F-22 I know that can take off vertically and all that.

  8. Well based on your username I can only guess what will happen next

  9. That's not a bad idea. My wife's birthday is Monday and I have no idea what to do this weekend.

  10. It would still be nice to see the lions stop ripping my heart out in the fashions they lose in. Between them and the way the Browns have managed to lose games it’s a lot

  11. Tomorrow is my birthday and I might get the best present I’ve ever gotten tomorrow night. A Yankees post season sweep!

  12. Ahh yes the ole Redo. I like it.

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