All is well, in the Afton Family! (Art by me)

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  1. hardest is B by motleyorc and i have 80% on crazy II

  2. HFK_ says:

    Is it a bendkin or a pendy

  3. HFK_ says:

    Swaggity Swagoshki Swaggest Swaggers Swag

  4. Swaggity Swagoshki Swaggest Swaggers in the Swage with extra Swagger Swaggity Swag 🗿

  5. HFK_ says:

    Swaggity Swaggest Swagoshkillistic Swaggerchamp With some Swaggers Swagchamp Swaggers Swaggotichigitty Swaggers Swagchamp with another Swaggeristic Swaggerchamp Swagchamp Swaggers Swag

  6. That looks so fun man. i would play it

  7. Bro good luck with beating acropolis :o

  8. It’s his facecam box and the editor just forgot to get rid of it

  9. makes sense. i just thought it was funny lol

  10. I think its his webcam outline (or whatever its called lol)

  11. For what it's worth I was scrolling through my homepage and when going past this had to do a double take cuz I genuinely thought I missed a notification of a new video so good job.

  12. Ha, That was totally my intention, I wanted to make the thumbnail look like an actual thumbnail by Game theory, so I guess that was pretty good!

  13. That is so awesome, I love the design of Michael, its so good.. 10/10

  14. Ahh!! Thank you so much! I really liked the concept of him being inhabited by Ennard in SL, so I thought I'd base his look here from that. :DD

  15. No problem! its one of the best FNaF art i've seen :)


  17. You know, that actually does make sense, so I don't see why it couldn't be true.

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