1. The land really took over that place. Not certain I'd consider that a mansion

  2. I guess it's hard to consider it a mansion based on only seeing one photo

  3. Motorola relocated its headquarters from Chicago to Schaumburg in the suburbs of Chicago in the 1960s. Are you referring to this conference room?

  4. No this one is often confused with Schaumburg’s facility tho

  5. I swear I just saw a TikTok on this housing plan too

  6. Do homes like this have working security systems?

  7. It looks like something else. Even though I see the bottles on the shelf, it looks more like a jewelry store or something. Soda fountains usually had places to sit along a bar....no room here for that. And no machinery or room for it....I could be wrong. Maybe this was just a plain ol' liquor store.

  8. It said soda shop on the outside so that’s what I’m going by

  9. Now the question is, how cheap would it be to buy? Because if I could get a run down mansion for $10k or less, spend like $50k tearing everything down to the studs and re-drywalling, painting, new plumbing, new cupboards and such, maybe new electrical depending on how old it is, I'd jump on that in a heartbeat.

  10. Then view what’s on Reddit and ignore the comment it’s not hard

  11. It looks like it's in quite good condition. Are you sure it is abandoned and not simply in repair?

  12. Ohh and all the buildings are boarded up with alarms going off inside

  13. On the ground you can see the broken stuff and graffiti everywhere. Been closed “temporarily” for 3 years in a row

  14. Isn’t a one-way mirror just a mirror, pretty sure a two way mirror is what you’re talking about.

  15. What base is this? Mostly curious because I've never seen an air base this small before

  16. Thanks to the user who corrected me for calling it a Ford Mercury 🤣

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