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  1. In elementary school, my friend's mom tried to convince me and my dad that you always put "an" in front of a word that starts with "h", and gave us "hotdog" as her example.. it was baffling

  2. Why are we going to Chapter 4 already, geeze

  3. I kept getting lost with all the hallucinations, and imaginations in NYC.. I need to rewatch the whole season before making an opinion, but Asylum will forever be my fav season, and I'm glad that NYC went about as realistic and dark as Asylum was.. could've done without the dream states though

  4. I was paying too much attention to what Hannah was saying and thought Adam was crying about the deer repopulating...

  5. It was literally just a delayed reaction to her death

  6. I'm pretty tired of all the metaphors in this season.. you're constantly questioning if a scene was real or hallucination, and that feels like bad writing

  7. I call it the God Rod.. (when it doesn't have the curse)

  8. I'm someone who actually plays Fortnite, because of the story, and original characters.. that being said, I still fully support collab skins (though, sometimes it does feel like a cash grab, when a chunk of the other skins in the BP aren't that great, or have a lot of thought put into them, or relevant to each other for the season theme)

  9. Referring to women as females

  10. You could maybe get a pass if this was at night, but you don't claim that.. so.. wow

  11. Lol I can never remember the spelling, just copied you. 😅

  12. Yea, they're too similar, Shachath is the Angel of Death from Asylum.. Scáthach is the first Supreme in Roanoke

  13. Oh yeah, thank you! Honestly they both shoulda been there. I really hope we get another Shachath appearance though, even if it's not Francis Conroy.

  14. We kinda got Shachath in one of last week's episodes, but it was a hallucination, so I don't think it was actually her.. oh well

  15. Well, what if cutting the thumb off isn’t enough? Then you’re gonna have to cut your hand off anyway. Doing it once is enough. Imagine having to do it again?

  16. I'd rather take the chance of only losing a thumb, than my whole hand

  17. When the fuck did Frankenstein's monster get out?

  18. In Arizona, I have never seen foggy weather in game

  19. I land by the flutter barn area when I need damage challenges done, like the Star Wars weapons damage, cause there tends to be a lot of bots that cross through there

  20. I have well over 100 skins I just don’t use all of them. When I get a new skin I want to use, I just overwrite an old preset I don’t use much anymore. Really it’s not even possible to regularly use that many unless you’re playing all day every day

  21. You only have to play 100 matches to use all the presets on shuffle, and I'd say most people play at least a little bit each day.

  22. I put nerfed in parentheses because the skin op posted is using two different colors. You can see the pattern on the hips and chest are a slightly different color.

  23. Pretty sure that's only for the black and the white.. all the other colors can be doubled, there's a slight hue change for the different parts of the suit style, but it's the same green

  24. Is there an Android version of this?

  25. I feel like you would be NTA if the child was an AH, first.. but YTA in this situation

  26. Is the crouch stand crouch stand a thing? I get super pissed when I'm trying to complete a quest, not bothering anyone and they seek me out. :angry:

  27. Very much is, I do it all the time, and listen to it all the time.. some players are too blood thirsty, though, or don't even know what it is

  28. I always remember what quests I had to do, and if I see someone else doing them, I'll wait till they're done, and have a weapon, before attempting to kill.. if they do the little crouch and stand over and over, I find that as a sign of peacefulness, and will fully ignore them and leave.. sometimes I'll even kill other players that are obviously there to try and pick off the defenseless quest runners, on my way out

  29. Funny thing is, I enjoy watching them. If they do a dance, I'd let it go and join a new match. Soon as they laugh, I'm sitting down and watching them. I love when they think they're rubbing salt on the wounds by dancing every other minute when I'm watching. Little do they know, I'm waiting to see them fail and when they do, it's spectacular.

  30. I watched one blow themselves up with the rocket launcher by accident, most hilarious thing I've watched.. only wish we could do that damn donkey laugh on them after that

  31. That's 16 chances for someone to be absolutely unbearable.. we had our aunt stay with us for a few days once, just her, her husband, and son.. they were an absolute disaster, and they weren't even here that long, and it was only 3 of them... Having 16 in one house, even just for 2 nights, my God, I'd have an aneurysm just for one dinner with that many.

  32. the VAST majority of monkey pox cases are from men who fuck men. nobody with a brain is gonna believe the op got it from a locker room

  33. It's not even exclusive to gay people, this is Aids misinformation all over again

  34. My only problem is that it feels more like American Crime Story, especially with how much of it is nearly directly the same as real life in NYC at the time..

  35. I'm glad they haven't showed anything super sexual like the advertising suggested.. we really don't need that for the story, hoping it stays that way.. would also make it easier to watch with my mom

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