1. If people are willing to do a task for free, I’m pretty sure I know what the market value of that labor is.

  2. Yeah let’s not put that on anyone but the moderators. They’re generally a very special breed, anyway.

  3. If they find a way to add Mitchell Robinson in FA - it's a wrap.

  4. We need to be realistic about his 3 ball. He is a career 34% shooter who shot over 40% twice.

  5. This reeks of you trying everything in your power to get women, which is called trying too hard. The biggest thing you have to avoid is looking and acting desperate, which is mostly impossible when you’re desperate.

  6. After December he shot 41.1% from 3, really no reason to think he won't eventually shoot well in the league.

  7. His shot looks a little funky and we should never discount the closer 3 ball in college. But he has a decent foundation!

  8. Did I really need to add a /s? C'mon dude.

  9. I have been taking it for nearly a month, one thing that can contribute is that I stopped smoking weed everyday after 5 years. Lions mane has no doubt helped my memory get back to normal, and overall I’m not as sad as I used to be. There are a lot of different variables that go into it but so far, only positives from Lions Mane tbh

  10. You stopped smoking weed and your memory improved… are you not seeing a potential conflict of effect here?

  11. My Dad was an electrician and working on the O'Hare expansion in the 90s. Construction workers had special access parking and it happened to be where VIPs could park as well.

  12. AKA, a max contract, if necessary, will commence, but negotiations are still going on. I'm pro-BULLS more than I am pro-ZACH. If the bulls can keep zach and pay less in any way, I'm with it. Team options. Only partially guaranteed 5th years. Or worse. Yes Zach should get his dues but there's still ways of giving him his dues without instantly submitting to 212/5 fully guaranteed. A lot of people here seem to be pro-Zach and not pro-Bulls and that makes me cringe a bit.

  13. You’re confusing pro-Zach with “we need to show stars we will max you if you’ve done what everyone else has done to get a max in this league”

  14. That concerning. I hope he's alright though. We have enough guard depth to weather him being out but I wouldn't be thrilled with him being out very long. But health is important

  15. Why is that concerning? There’s no positive to saying “definitely” at this point

  16. That’s how quick anyone can be dead. Just like that. Try and appreciate every minute of everyday because just as the Bible says, “He comes as a thief in the night.”

  17. The Bible is half the reason people supported going to Iraq in the first place. Fuck the Bible. I prefer the passage talking about horse semen.

  18. You’re inventing a conspiracy against Chewy over your vet doing what they’re supposed to do. Holy paranoia, you must be a thrilling patient.

  19. As a mobile-only user I literally only see usernames, and points. It's so barebones I love it. Almost straight up text only.

  20. It's puppy fluff. That's how golden retriever puppy hair looks. Very poofy. He's losing that soft downy hair right now and his adult hair is growing in.

  21. None of us are there with you to judge, but from here he does look a little greasy.

  22. I giggled at the dog eating the cardboard, but I HOLLERED at the expression on his buddy’s face! Oh my gosh, I love them both!

  23. To be fair if it was your friends SO he probs purposely said a lower number because he wouldn’t want his partner to think there was a chance he thought you were attractive and then get funny about it?

  24. It also makes no sense for her to tell OP, which makes me wonder if that’s actually the number he gave

  25. But definitely be the guy who does it if the opportunity arises. Dating is about appearances, and it appears as though OP just chadded a hole in front of his soon to be mate

  26. For my first playthrough I was an astrologer. This spell saved me.

  27. I finished my play through with it in my lineup. In fact, I spammed down Elden Beast with it.

  28. Indy has definitely set it up for him to be the long term guy. If he proves he's worth it, the money will be there. He's already got a starting spot for the foreseeable future because the roster is trash right now.

  29. He doesn’t have the spot because the roster is trash. He has the spot because he went for 18/4/10 with 2 steals and only 3 turnovers in his games with Indy this season. He’s a really good 21 year old player.

  30. I didn't say he's only got a roster spot because the team is trash, I said he's got a starting spot until they locate better. Nobody else on the roster is a decent option to even compete for it. TJ McConnell is ass offensively, Duane Washington is average at his best, and Lance Stephenson is a liability with bonehead turnovers. Give a decent player (Haliburton) no real options to play with and let him hold the ball every possession, he should post decent numbers.

  31. Legendary armaments are kind of weird in terms of actually being powerful. Example: Grafted Blade Greatsword is less powerful than a regular GUGS.

  32. They meant the word "meaty"... chill the hell out.

  33. People often get mixed up with what taste actually is but texture is a quality that is outside of "taste". Taste is specific to bitter, salty, sour, sweet and umami. The texture can influence flavour perception but it doesn't directly influence the combination of the 5 possible tastes of the food. People often say things like "eww this tastes slimey" but what they mean is it feels slimey.

  34. Thanks Doctor Obvious. I’m aware that it doesn’t fall strictly within taste. But when people talking about whether a food is tasty or not, colloquially, texture is often a consideration.

  35. Maybe because the salaries aren’t anywhere close. They could have detailed it out a bit more, but just sounds madeup

  36. That’s not the fake part is the point haha

  37. I love this news, mostly because whether it’s to trade up or trade for talent, we’d have options with that package.

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