1. Would you explain how it would be better if those kids were killed with a hunting rifle, handgun or shotgun? Or a hammer or an axe? Or a car? Or a bomb?

  2. Just say you don't give a rip because That A R means the world to you and yours and dam everybody else but you are banning books and Drag shows and Parades and I digress

  3. Lol you don’t know me. Take your righteous indignation and shove it up your ass.

  4. The alternative though would be a legal system where something is only legal if the law says it's legal. And that would be an absolutely awful system to live under.

  5. I’m working on being more careful XD. Resisting the urge to punch everything in sight is a struggle

  6. If you’re an Arc Hunter or Solar Titan, meleeing everything is a very viable strat. If you’re a warlock, allow me to recommend Void. Devour with max disc and grenade mods made Avalon hilarious.

  7. Whoever told me Niezgoda was good at finishing and bad at everything else was clearly lying to me. He’s not even good at finishing.

  8. Portland has a pretty severe drug problem. That’s the dark, rank smoke of Copium from many of our fans.

  9. That picture of Jaro is exactly my reaction every time he touches the ball. I’m fine. Everything is fine. I’m glad you’re fine. Fine.

  10. Adopt the PTFC Formula! Terrible weather, tiny payroll, Tanya Harding all your starters every year, have a hated FO and morally bankrupt owner. Profit. Profit???

  11. Yeah, I don’t doubt that our form was greatly hurt by our missing players (both intl and injured) but jesus fuck the rest of our players acted like they’d never played with each other before and like they all just met about twenty minutes before game time.

  12. You seem to have caught a case of the Portland Timbers. 💀

  13. Symptoms may clear up in a week or two, but I recommend starting a strong anti-viral you may have to take for the remainder of the season.

  14. Understood. I feel that red flag laws and mental health background checks might be a good thing.

  15. Red Flag laws are just an end run on due process. Don’t fall for that nonsense.

  16. People don't care here. They'll use this as ammo against the whole trans community for years.

  17. Lol the narrative around this will be about the gun, and not the identity of the shooter. The mainstream media will just drop the story if they can’t guarantee that narrative.

  18. Small hands, smells of cabbage

  19. Neizgoda had some moments at the end I guess.

  20. He had a couple shots and a couple really bad touches and passes to no where in the box too. Not the worst game he’s played yet but that’s not saying much.

  21. Lol you guys try so fucking hard to find fault with Niezgoda. It's pathetic at this point.

  22. Bingham went down and had to be helped off the pitch. We were out of subs, so Rasmussen had to put on the highlighter kit and the Mickey Mouse gloves.

  23. I think we had a sub but we used up all of our sub windows? We only subbed 4 in? - nizegoda, ikoba, Eric, and Justin.

  24. That’s right. “Our of subs” is not technically correct.

  25. Gio said it's because he didn't practice enough. If he cannot communicate effectively to the players, causing them to say things to the press, then he's not fit to manage. This isn't the first time he's had issues with players or froze them out. We almost like Eryk because of Gio's bullshit.

  26. Lol sit down. This take is just wild.

  27. What's wild about it? He had an issue with Eryk last year, he has an issue with Ivacic now.

  28. His “issue” with Eryk was one mentioned of the fact that EW sat against LAFC late season game because he didn’t give sufficient effort in practice to give him the start over Paredes, which Gio described as a shame, because he’s clearly such a talented guy. Then some unfounded tabloid rumors in the off season.

  29. I like the idea of adjusting the salary cap inversely to the perceived desirability of the city. NYC or LA? Lowest salary cap. Portland somewhere in the middle. Highest salary cap for places like Kansas City or Cincinnati.

  30. Real Salt Lake would bankrupt their owners so fast…

  31. This is going to be a very long season. The Timbers are not great even if everyone was healthy, but at this rate we won't be able to field a starting 11 in a few months

  32. How… could you know that? We started the season with literally everyone injured and have lost someone new in every game so far. How this side looks when healthy is a complete unknown.

  33. Looking like this game is a wake up call for Niezgoda, could really use his scoring prowess going forward! Fingers crossed

  34. 😂 still believing in Niezgoda

  35. Unfortunately ,other than Nathan and maybe Bravo, all of the players who were willing to be physical came on in the 2nd half.

  36. Marvin Loria was physical AF. Nathan though was another level, putting his shoulder down with guys like Edwards and making space for himself. I’m glad to see him asserting himself. The Donkey coming on for him in the end was disappointing, but understandable for how hard he played. And that yellow was bullshit.

  37. Wait what? Gio if he’s ready to play start him wtf, this was our supporters player of the year

  38. I like Ivacic as much as the next guy, but I’m glad we don’t determine the starting 11 like it’s American Idol.

  39. time to send him to a camp to pray the gay away

  40. Sounds like a solid place to pickup dudes.

  41. I mean china has probably 0 registered guns outside of the military

  42. My sweet summer child - many of the animals in communist China are more equal then the others.

  43. “Regulate me harder, Daddy!” -AuthLeft, Watermelons, probably

  44. It’s not your shoelaces you need to worry about, it’s your belt loops… Those are mass manufactured by companies such as Levi Strauss who say they are anti-gun. Are they really? Because the last I knew they haven’t gotten rid of those evil belt loops.

  45. I have it on good authority that Levi Strauss also manufactures belts - belts that can be used to hang yourself, just like Jeffrey Epstein definitely did. Death by hanging accounts for 1/3 suicides. Half of all suicides in the US are performed with a gun, but once we’ve removed the memory of guns from the whole population, how can we just stop there? Companies like Levi Strauss have blood on their hands! Think of the children!

  46. You fucked up your knee ironically? There’s literally no limit to how far a hipster will go for irony 😂

  47. Nature will, uh, work this out.

  48. Eh, throw on Ikoba and Gutierrez from the jump. Run em out there and see what happens.

  49. I think the last thing we need when we’re having so much trouble at the forward position is two forwards. Definitely onboard with seeing Ikoba up top though to see how it goes. Right now it should really be down to him or Nathan until Boli is on the scene.

  50. Nathan has been crap and selfish, I'd rather just throw Mabiala up there and spam crosses 😂

  51. Strikers should be selfish. He’s not skied anymore shots than any of the midfielders. Better that than chronically clueless and out of position.

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