1. Disable Turbo Boost in the BIOS menu. Do it on any Intel CPU laptop when you experience throttling because of excessive heat.

  2. Is it possible to turn it off some other way, since the option is not available in the UEFI menu of Surface devices.

  3. The USB port on the charging block is only output you can use it to charge accessories like your phone etc. To charge the SP8 with PowerBank then you just need a USB-C cable and connect it to the USB-C port on the SP8

  4. yes i saved it and took multiple backups 😂..but its a big file like around 1.8 gb..how do i share it ?

  5. Haha daamn I'm not sure how we can share it except uploading it to a file sharing website like Wetransfer. 😅

  6. honestly keep searching online for all old driver versions for surface pros..you should find it somewhere

  7. Yup will keep on searching haha thnx anyway. Cheers

  8. You need a 60W USB-C PD compatible charger

  9. Open CMD or Powershell as admin and type Powercfg /batteryreport

  10. Ah I ran it just like you typed it, FWIW.

  11. I guess you have Win 11 ? In Win 11 it's stored under the User file and System32 file in Win 10

  12. My one year warranty ended last week......

  13. You have a 30 days grace after the warranty end date

  14. For the SP 7, you'd need a USB-C PD charger with at least 65W. (Confirmed by MS support)

  15. They removed the option to skip on Win 11

  16. Also make sure the key is backed up under your MS account:

  17. There's a white vignette, the white lines and a dark bar on the top third of the screen. It was worse when I first turned it on, but I can still faintly see all three. Googled around and I've seen people with the same issue but no concrete answer. Is it fixable?

  18. Where u live now ? I can check if u are eligible for repair.

  19. Access UEFI menu & disable the camera then restart and check if u have the option to sign in with Pin or pw

  20. He said the option is not available

  21. The question is why is he selling a month-old SP8 when they can still get a refund since purchased from MS store, they have 60 days return/refund policy.

  22. Thank you! Ah I wish, but I'm in the USA.

  23. Definitely the Pro 8 since it's a completely new device compared to the Pro 6 or Pro 7 & 7+ which were just spec updates of the Pro 5th gen. Performance wise and battery life is way "much better" ofc MS still a bit behind when it comes to battery life but the Pro 8 can last you a day without the charger ofc again depending on the user. For now if you're interested in getting one I'd say wait a couple of months since it's new we're still discovering if there are any known problems or hardware defects, for now I've had one so far which is dead USB-C port that some customers reported.

  24. Thanks, I appreciate the info! It looks like a solid upgraded platform.

  25. Indeed that is a valid excuse lol. Ah if it's only the display that is dead and you can still turn on the device then maybe use an external monitor to recover your data before you try and fix the screen.

  26. I will be back to US in march, the surface has a US warranty and I'm now in Europe. Hope I will be able to replace it in march at this point

  27. You can get a standard exchange in Europe with US warranty but the keyboard lay-out would be that of a the country you're in now & you'd be without a device for about 8 days. Once back in the US u can replace it again to get a US lay-ou.

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