1. Got some leverage on myself after a wedding hangover and took an AF day early in the week (first time in a really long time). It was easier to start later and drink fewer the following days of the week so I'm trying again today. Wish me luck getting through AF, but it I don't make it I know I can Nal up and try again another day.

  2. I've been doing the overseas pharm for 3.5 years without ever missing a shipment. But I have to plan ahead because it often takes 30 days from order to receipt. I'm pretty sure it's not on my record, but I haven't been to the doctors office since a year before going on TSM.

  3. I had the nausea problem at first, so most folks divide the pill and take a forth or half until they can tolerate the standard 50mg. Sounds like you are going to respond nicely to the Nal.

  4. Thanks. I may try to go to a fourth if it keeps happening. I did a half this morning and so far its not so bad. Better than it was the other day that’s for sure

  5. That's what I did my first 3 days, 50, then 25, then stayed at 12.5 for the next 3 days. After that I found I could then take the 25 for a couple days then then was able to tolerate the 50.

  6. I've had one of the worst weeks on the job I can remember, but only a small up tick in alcohol, so it's actually a small win. I really need to make sure it doesn't keep ramping up more because the anxiety is almost unbearable already.

  7. I'm nearing 3.5 years but then I've been drinking for about 40 so there are strong ingrained neural pathways to consider. I believe the Nal is still working in the background for you even if you over drink as we all have done that. But to make progress, for me, I have to keep the ABV about 5%, and drink more slowly. Also record every drink and no more sloppy compliance for me. I note the time I take each pill and be absolutely sure I waited the full hour and try to add some time to slow down the reward gratification.

  8. I am/was an IPA drinker. I have cut back to 6% maximum in the ABV of beers I consume. It’s helped me tremendously. I’m still striving for alcohol free days, but my intake of alcohol has decreased a great deal between no longer purchasing high ABV beers and cutting back via TSM.

  9. Higher ABV gives me a slight feeling of that fire in the belly which I feel like takes me in the opposite direction, I would rather forget it forever.

  10. I noticed you like the double IPAs. Meeee too. I've been doing this for almost 3.5 years and had to get honest with myself about the ABV in order not to game the log sheet with a false sense of progress. 1 SD=5% for me. But that's me, you could be different in your thinking about the situation which could make all the difference. Double IPAs (and 8% seltzers) had me lying to myself by a factor approaching 2:1, but that was after losing my taste for beer in general and having to switch to seltzers which is a whole 'nother story.

  11. Strange trip to the liquor store, I was really bored and nothing got my motor running like the pick-me-up a visit like that often does. I still bought some (of course) because I'm not near natural AF time, but I bought 1 less 12-pack since I've still got a bit left-over from reduced consumption last couple weeks. Edit: I'm a daily maintenance drinker last 20 years, after the prior 20 years as a binger.

  12. This is fantastic! This is how it works, a slow unwinding of the Gordian Knot that has held you and me and many of our lives captive for so long! Here's to being free 🍻

  13. For sure, I sometimes go to a couple of other alcohol-related sub-reddits (typical read-only) for perspective and their biggest problems sound like withdrawls and distracting from strong cravings. It is such a contrast to our discussions here on AM where it's about finding something that works with incremental->total wins or the newcomer dealing with the side-effects while getting used to the dose.

  14. Has anyone gotten reported to these central list(s) by All Day Chemist when paying cash for Nal without a doctor's prescription?

  15. Great thread! Thanks for posting about this and congrats on your considerable progress in the face of a long, hard fight!

  16. Thanks Move. I'm so glad you're still here too and still helping people with tips and wisdom.

  17. I am three years in with some similar patterns. 2021 was a shit show in terms of stress — I took my Naltrexone but I didn’t log drinks or try to be mindful. This year I started listening to the Take a Break podcast and using the Reframe app — I have logged methodically and worked on the habit side and I’m down from 35 to 13 on good weeks (17 on not so good weeks). Thinking of upping my dose to 75. BTW, Katie Lane just sent an email today that includes a poll of TSMers, and 27 percent took more than two years to reach extinction. Still hopeful …

  18. I hear ya about 2021, there was a time early in the 2020 lockdowns where I was drinking a lot less which I still don't fully understand and 2021-present has been like SHTF mentally for me. I feel much better that people are finding it normal to take multiple years to reach extinction. Can you imagine if we just gave up due to impatience?

  19. The line that works for me whenever at a bar or other function outside the home. Said with conviction "No shots. Shots wreck my car, man". If they push and say come on just one, and I say "Just one? Bwahahahaha".

  20. Alchol just acts on the nervous system effects will be light but achold on nal it really doesn't compare to Xanax so you get the calming effect. In my opinion propranolol while on nal would be perfect because it blocks the symptoms u get when having anxiety. I say this because i tried everything and found propranolol to be my best friend. Propranolol is very underrated but some of your favorite actress and actors take it for performance anxiety. Me personally was the norephrine block it came with that even helped me through withdraw especially the tremors. On on nal I was able to still function with propanolol and without something else that I had to go to a hospital to detox for. Anxiety and panic sucks. Just writing what I did as some information you might find helpful.

  21. Thanks for the tip on the propranolol, I've been having lot's of trouble with Anxiety and also high BP.

  22. End of Week 43 and I’m 13 weeks AF now. I’m still blown away by how well TSM has worked.

  23. One year down for me. Second week in a row at 8 total for the week. I feel like I'm getting close to recovering my life and living sober for the most part compared to my life before TSM. I am going to try for only 1 tonight again and not celebrate recovery from alcohol by drinking excessive alcohol.

  24. Congrats on the chain of "one and done" sessions, HD! The addicted part of the brain has finally learned that alcohol ≠ pleasure, so keep at it with those lessons you've been teaching it and thank you for sharing your very important journey over these many months!

  25. Thanks, move. Your support to this sub has been absolutely crucial to my progress and I'm sure so many others.

  26. Awesome story and great progress! I remember reading your posts and comments way back. Amazing the difference some time and a pill can make.

  27. Thanks IpA, I appreciate your support. I want to be where you are now.

  28. I placed an order last week. I never received an email saying that there was going to be a delay. Though my order is still in the processing stage

  29. Are you already doing TSM or just starting? Either way, I hope it works out for you soon.

  30. Thanks for asking, Move. I'm doing better, my mild fever has passed and I only have the symptoms of a head cold. I'm still isolating and treating myself as infected though.

  31. Hi Move, this quarantine has me at 1-and-done for six days straight to finish off week 51 for a total of 8. Not even breaking a sweat over the alcohol, in the past I've almost always drank in pairs like 2-fisted but this might help break that habit.

  32. See Dr Saul at doctoryourself.com, he begs to differ. Or don't, you do you.

  33. Haven't been here to report in while, lots happened in the last month: wife was wrongfully fired from her job and my mom had a car accident is showing signs of dementia so we had to put her in a nursing home because she's no longer able to take care of herself. Strangely, family emergency times are easier for me to lower my numbers of drinks and I am so grateful it's not the other way around like things were going before TSM.

  34. I agree it's unsustainable. I also agree you should quit on your own if you can without rehab or Sinclair. I didn't think much of TSM when I first learned about it, but it's my next to last try before it all falls horribly apart. Good luck.

  35. Finished week 41 at 32 drinks, the highest since week 14 at 31 drinks. This is a hella dead cat bounce for the last month. I'm going on dry vacation at the end of February, I need to get my numbers back down and get back on track to quitting. Staying compliant, getting a little spacey about it, like had to wait until I got home last Friday because I forgot to make sure I had some before I went to work. Lizard ain't going down without a fight...

  36. Whenever I think I miss the old feeling of drinking without nal, I have to remember that ship sailed a long time ago for me (built a high tolerance). I'm doing TSM for precisely this reason, to erase the sub-concious memories that just won't go away for good because those become obsessive thoughts that bring me back to drinking after any successful run at stopping. I don't torture myself with questions about whether I will drink in the future, as the answer will be no.

  37. I almost have to force-feed myself after 9 months taking naltrexone. I feel kinda shitty when I don't eat, but just even something I might have been looking forward to often becomes wretched after a few bites.

  38. My holiday uptick is starting to subside, still elevated this week, but I think the next couple weeks will see me back in range to start going for lower numbers. I had a small win yesterday at work when a surprise Beer-Friday came later than usual, so I didn't nal up an hour before like normal. I just took the nal as soon as I realized it and grabbed a couple unopened cans for the train ride to drink after the 60 minute wait. La-de-frickin-da! It was the first real surprise flash-craving that I wasn't really prepared for and it wasn't bad waiting and having to adjust my expectations a little.

  39. You are very wise to explore alternative ways to quit drinking. It's been 9 months for me and TSM is saving my life, marrige, job, sanity, (health hopefully) the list goes on. But it's not a magic pill for me, I still feel an effect of the blocked endorphins. It does seem to impact my enjoyment of life and feeling of well-being compared to the ideal. But in contrast to continued acceleration of my drinking, it's soooo much better to not even consider going back to drinking without the Nal. Keep in mind it's a life-long committment to only drink on the Nal or you are going to pick back up where you left off drinking and then some (can be said about "relapsing" in general). My goal is to be in social situations and be just as interested in drinking a bottle of booze as I am a bucket of sand. TSM is my best chance to get there.

  40. In the US, we have hard seltzers like White Claw (around 5% ABV). Something like that might meet your keto requirements as it's low carb too.

  41. Hey that's right! I forgot about the seltzers, they're mostly booze and water without the carbs. I haven't tried keto since switching to mostly White Claw, thanks.

  42. I'm planning the same but waiting until I'm ready to go AF for at least a few weeks since alcoholic bevs tend to knock me out of ketosis anyway and I can't fathom drinking hard liquor neat at this point anymore. So progress!

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