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  1. It's hard to say. Are you a patient person? Do you like to learn?

  2. Is this good for fingertip grip?

  3. medium, i did order the mini though, sent it back within the same day. That shit gave me cramps like crazy

  4. Guess Ill go with the mini if nothing else comes up 😅 Thanks!

  5. Pulsar just announced the new "pro" mini ambi and mini with a hump if you are good with waiting for sometime in 2023

  6. How do you get the Google button on the bottom right?

  7. Enable niagara button on the features section of niagara settings :)

  8. Which artifact set is better for yoimiya to maximize her damage with thundering pulse? 4pc shim or 2pc CW + 2pc 18%atk?

  9. I started silver 2 this act and grinded my way up to D1 today, for 1 month.

  10. This also happens on my samsung, but only whenever I unlock my phone from the always on display lockscreen.

  11. I haven't found a fix myself sorry.

  12. Lovely work, how did you get the Google button to display in white? Mine wants to display black.

  13. Thanks! It just automatically display white idk why as well 'cause I want it to display black. Hope that in the future updates we can edit the button color.

  14. It depends on whether you're okay with basketball with shounen elements to it, it's one of the animes that I watched when getting into anime. I watched KnB back when I was in high school and I really liked it at that time, the childish element of it kinda appealed to me back then since I was into basketball as well. Ig its because I think the unrealistic elements of KnB are what makes it special to me, and made me feel hyped everytime I watched it.

  15. Well, to each their own, but since its the first harem manga that I read where my fav girl wins in the end so yeah, but it did felt kinda dragged on in the final arc, still a good read nonetheless.

  16. Hey good for you. Do you know if the manga ending was generally liked?

  17. I think it was generally liked, because its recommended to me by some as well when I'm finding for some harem anime/manga.

  18. Kinda, as they include some internal monologue and pov of the characters that's not included in the main chapters. They're not that long so might as well read them if you have the time.

  19. Honestly, since you're that far, just finish it. More godly voice acting from Aoi Yuuki is never a bad thing.

  20. That's actually a good point haha thanks!

  21. Go straight to the LN, the anime is going to ruin some things things.

  22. Yeah thanks haha I'm currently reading it right now!

  23. This is too good to be trueee!! Hope they can manage to fix what happened in S1 tho but still what a great fckin news!!! 💯

  24. Its a custom wallpaper I created using Canva.

  25. And what that japanese phrase and numbers means?

  26. " 明日は明日の風が吹く (ashita wa ashita no kaze ga fuku) literally means “the winds of tomorrow will blow tomorrow,” or, more plainly said,“tomorrow is another day.” " The numbers are just for personal reasons 😅

  27. You are missing a few key supports here. Do you have Bennett, Diona, Sucrose, and Fischl?

  28. I only have bennett and fischl built, my diona and sucrose are not fully invested in yet.

  29. Raiden Bennett Xiangling Xingqiu is the most op and easy to play team here.

  30. {Kase-san} {Ichido dake demo, koukai shitemasu}

  31. My Food Seems To Be Very Cute is a top tier manhua imo. Great art, really cute, and has interesting fantasy elements. I'd highly recommend it.

  32. HoF and HoS are mandatory valks. Any valk that can run Mirage stigs for 85% of its efficiency compared to full sig set should just run that if you're F2P. Save crys for the stuff that really makes a big difference. Look up Wyverein on yourube for stigmata comparisons.

  33. Appreciate it thank you! Ig I'll keep saving my crystals for now for HoF or HoS reruns in the future.

  34. You can, but if you have Fallen Rosemary/Azure Empyrea, switch Phoenix to Fallen Rosemary/Azure Empyrea but if not stick with that yet.

  35. I have S rank FR but with no weap/stig, can I still use her? Or should I stick with phx for now?

  36. Oh welp, then stick with Phoenix, since she is SS already. But you still need to farm FR to SS, becuz even without wep or stig, her being SS is gud enuf.

  37. Ig I'll start buying her fragments in the shop, thank you!

  38. Nice arti u got there ! If Im in ur position I might upgrade my talents, then save primos for PJC for my own satisfaction

  39. Thanks! Guess I'll do that since PJC just had its rerun recently so I'll have enough time to save for it in the future for a guaranteed pull.

  40. Okay thank you, planning to triple crown her as well!

  41. Electro reactions aren't good for Keqing, Overload make stamina management harder to do and Superconduct are only for shredding Phys resistance, that leave us with Electro-Charged (for infusing enemies with Electro easier) and Swirl (with 4VV to decrease resistance). Here're some characters that're good to Keqing:

  42. Keqing Beidou/Fischl Xingqiu and Bennett / Anemo character are a good start. You can follow the

  43. I read Kimi no Iru Machi after reading DomeKano

  44. How are the thermals when gaming?

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