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My (22M) vegan girlfriend (21F) wants me to get rid of my cat. UPDATE

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  1. Do y’all have august locks? It seemed to start when I setup my august lock to Auto Unlock.

  2. I don’t have any locks, I have a nest account that is for locks at my parents house but it’s not related. Only smart home things I have is smart plugs but they’re through Alexa and have not affected this issue

  3. Your improvisation is in itself a very powerful image of unity.

  4. The improvisation was absolutely inspired by the creative heroic measures the Ukrainians are taking to protect their homeland.

  5. The crazy thing is that even in death many double-down searching for anything or anyone else to blame. Possibly their family will keep that lie alive for some time. I'm constantly amazed at the gymnastics some folks use to escape accountability for their actions.

  6. The phone call after my step brother died of covid, my dad started complaining about all the illegal immigrants coming across the border bringing Covid into Texas.

  7. I think that in the spirit of HCA ya gotta call the bullshit out in your own social circle.

  8. What is that sculpture with the jumping bull and a pole up it’s butt? Jebus.

  9. also ALSO - "BarnacleMcBarndoor" is one of the best usernames.

  10. He rides his hog by day and his bear by night.

  11. Hrmm I hadn’t heard of that. I looked it up and that’s not it but it also looks super interesting. I’ll be watching that one for sure. Thanks!

  12. I’m tickled at the idea someone thinks that my work would be good enough for selling. That means a lot!

  13. 100% would give you money right this instant. So good!!!

  14. I am flattered by the question but I must regretfully admit that I am a total neophyte at this and would not know where to start with manufacturing and distributing prints. But thank you for making my day!

  15. If you’d be willing to sell me the rights to make a print from one of these i’d love to work something out. If so, DM me.

  16. It’s so obvious that Noodle is a very good boy (or girl)

  17. That’s my buddy’s company!!! You’d not be in better hands for your HVAC needs.

  18. They do giving trees which I believe are for local foster kids. The trees are everywhere in local businesses and have a wide variety of lists for you to choose from.

  19. Austin Chase coffee participates in this program. They’ll have a tree.

  20. I’ve got this book and been wanting to do some of the recipes. Any in particular you’d recommend?

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