1. I think it's because You've downloaded it. Downloading mixes also cost lot of storage cause it changes songs daily so you end up downloading tracks you don't want automatically.

  2. No, no. It does that for me too even without downloading it. I think it's a problem on their end.

  3. That's why the supermix isn't updating.

  4. But it should be an automated process made by an AI, well unless they need to manually hit a button every week idk

  5. you can link your watch under a samsung account, check the advanced features of your settings

  6. For the left-handed thing it's okay, you can wear it on your right arm, but you need to tell your Watch you're wearing it on your right arm. Go to Settings -> General -> Orientation.

  7. Not sure if that's still the case, but maybe you can create two playlists for that?

  8. Probably just stick with spotify then, I like to just have the entire playlist play at random and occasionally hear an old song. Would suck to randomly pick between two.

  9. Yeah I can totally understand that. I've never created my own playlist tho because I find YouTube Music's recommendations and automated playlists to be very good and always on point in recommending me what I want to listen to, but I understand why you want your playlist, and why you'd want to stick with it.

  10. No lmao what? You can’t disable the “feature” that google just harvests your data.

  11. Don't worry. All the apps you've installed on your phone are also "stealing" your data. What do you think Meta is doing for example? Don't believe you're safe because you have an iPhone. That's what Apple wants you to believe.

  12. It's so stupid that Samsung removed the default amdroid feature to block internet access for apps and I have to use a VPN like workaround for that..

  13. Amazon Music Unlimited. The audio quality for a track (SD/HD/UltraHD/etc) displays above the track title. Click the quality indicator and you’ll see the screens I posted.

  14. Oh okay thanks. Will I be able to see this screen for my Buds Pro (1st gen) if I'm not subbed to Amazon Music? I'm already subbed to YouTube Music but I want to see this screen

  15. That screen is a feature of the Amazon Music app. I don’t see an equivalent in the YouTube Music app.

  16. Ni I was asking if I would be able to see this screen if I downloaded Amazon Music even if I'm not subbed to premium?

  17. Does it have a smart timer that wakes you up when you're in light sleep stage ?

  18. It used to exist on older Galaxy Watches that don't have WearOS but TizenOS

  19. J'ai ReVanced depuis quelques mois maintenant, le manager fonctionne tout à fait bien et je n'ai eu aucun soucis d'installation. En tout cas, je suis content que les devs aient décidé de ne pas abandonner le projet.

  20. Xbox one running apex is tough! Glad the homies upgraded him!

  21. Upgraded this year from an Xbox One to Series S, and holy moly I didn't realize I was only getting 30 fps in the dropship. Getting a constant 60 on the Series is game changer really.

  22. R5R servers are self-hosted. This will be hosted by EA so makes sense they'd put limits on it since hosting them still costs money.

  23. halo has been self-hosting? I think you are referring to Peer to peer, and no halo is not peer to peer anymore. I believe they canned that back near halo 3/halo 4

  24. When you start a custom game, you can choose to host it on the Xbox Live servers, or locally. So actually it's Microsoft who's hosting the servers but it's working fine anyways.

  25. They are certified IP67 so water resistant up to a certain level, and I go run with them even on rainy days and they are fine.

  26. Not what I’m asking. I’m saying if I were to remove that account from the app, would they still take up memory

  27. Youtube Music isn't bad IMO, although it isn't the best service for that at least you can use it for free

  28. It works for PS4, I was soooo disappointed when I got my Series S. Seems like the most basic feature.

  29. There's no Quick Resume or such feature on PS4, not even PS5. What feature are you talking about on PlayStation?

  30. There is nothing to fix. If you leave any multiplayer game running, it will kick you.

  31. As I said, they could let us have the option to refresh the servers and try to connect to a new one or let us go back to the main menu, at least something.

  32. I don't even know what this tastes like it doesn't exist in my country.

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