1. I am not above the age of 17 but I'm 5,11

  2. One is my mother works for twitter 💁

  3. CAN WE TALK ABT CHP 92? ( spoilers of course ) okay about sakura's wish and how after Sakura said everyone with cease to exist and how he ask to go on a date . That might me implying what if he survives

  4. 😦 💁 I'm gonna break a leg and get benefits

  5. absolutely build your network right now, with teachers , will classmates, insane how much knowing someone make a difference in finding a good job. Don't have to stick to them or to be overly friendly, just be acquainted , on friendly terms and make a good work impression. Go out of your way to do a favor or two. Ask insignificant favors too, something that can be solved in a few minutes , people like to feel useful.

  6. I'd say she showed some death flags, but is it called death flags if you're already dead

  7. Okay ima start with 2 usernames (my reddit name) im a sucker for hananene ship

  8. I have the same one from 15+ years ago. Still see all the videos I favorited in high school

  9. WOW THATS AMAZING i wish i could get bacn into my very old acc

  10. None if people dont like em i tell em to watch it or fuck off

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