1. He went about it in the wrong way, but I think it may depend on the IUD you have, I remember reading something about excess copper and the thyroid but I’d have to find the exact article and such and I’m sure research is limited. In my experience I’d agree with him about hormonal birth control, I can only take progestin based BC because I get complex migraines (estrogen increases risk of stroke) and the mini pill deteriorated my health like NO OTHER but that’s not the case for everyone and for him to say those things to you he’d need to actually PROVE that’s what’s causing your issues.

  2. I read Song of Achilles first and I think it’s the better written of the two, but I liked Circe’s story better.

  3. The ending makes perfect sense to me because the book wasn’t necessarily about the love triangle. It was about the complex themes of control/power, inequality, etc. so the ending for me, showed that Katniss and Peeta successfully made a world that even they could find some peace in, and they were no longer puppets used for some type of governments purposes. Id think Suzanne didn’t write about their healing process because that could be another book in itself, and because who could ever heal completely from something like that?

  4. I didn't mind the ending as much as other people did. I thought it was meant to be realistic for the traumatized characters to not have a perfect life afterwards. I think you're probably in the minority as a reader that wants a detailed description of the recovery period. I think most would not be super interested in that after all the action and suspense of the books up til then. It would be a stark change of pace.

  5. It’s not out of character, Katniss said she didn’t want children in a world where the Hunger Games is. When she decided to have them, it was to show that their world had changed. Also it mentions in the end that she finally decided to have them after 15 years of discussing it with Peeta, so it’s not like she just gave in for him or anything.

  6. I like all of the characters but Cassian is my favorite. I don’t think it’s that deep haha

  7. I can see that, I have an orb weaver who lives near my front door and it’s weird to me that it rips it’s web down every day and then builds it back at night.

  8. You know, a cricket is one I wouldn’t have thought of haha

  9. I honestly agree! And IMO for an adult to be 100% hairless it’s kind of weird! It almost seems childish to me, so I actually prefer hair in certain places. But I don’t mind shaving my legs! It’s nice to have them smooth.

  10. Address your labs but I also second trying to get your TSH below 2.5 if possible. My main symptom of hypothyroidism is complex migraines and if I go above 2.5-3 they come on with a vengeance so I know something is off. I’m also a female and was specifically told to stay below 2.5, especially if I want children or am trying to have children or I’m pregnant.

  11. We can hardly give our children proper sexual education to begin with, most kids don’t even know the proper functions of their bodies. I don’t think we need to throw in sexual preferences into it at all.

  12. Working in instrumentation development (biotech degree is applicable) is fun, day to day is never the same.

  13. No I don’t think there’s any shame at all! I think I just need to elaborate a little bit more, because I’m just barely dipping my toe into the field and honestly, there’s so many questions I could ask! Slight backstory: I had never heard of biotech until I got older, always knew I wanted to do something possibly in patient care/ bio/ lab work due to past work places, when I ran into a YouTube video by a female biotechnologist who worked in a hematology lab at her hospital. Instantly knew that was the field I should join bc it’s a combo of all the major sciences, engineering, possibly more genetics and was just more extensive. But seeing the posts on this forum slightly confused me because I thought most people would be in all sorts of fields/ areas and yet all I usually see is pharmacy. Which isn’t bad and I’m not hating on it at all! I’m just wondering why so many gravitate there or if that’s what Biotech truly is at it’s core. If that makes sense? I guess I’m just trying to get a feel for where I can continue to with my career path.

  14. I moved for 3 reasons: (1) I couldn’t physically work as hard in the lab as senior executives wanted me to; (2) I fundamentally wasn’t appreciated for my work in lab as much as those with more degrees; (3) I demonstrated value in something other than pipetting and time management.

  15. Okay that makes sense to me, I hope it’s okay if I ask more questions. for you getting into biotech, where did you start? What kind of labs were you working at? Why those places specifically, and what was your “goal” for your career? If you don’t mind me asking. Honestly, I should probably make another post asking those questions as well

  16. I’m glad I’m not alone in this! I feel like the majority of women who get them look really weird with them and you can immediately tell if they have filler or they don’t

  17. People don’t wash their hands before putting contacts in. Not the most disgusting thing I guess. Also, apparently men who wear contacts get more eye infections than women who wear contacts because they don’t wash their hands as much

  18. I had an uncle that would lick his Q-tips after swabbing his ears. He would also use scissors to cut the grass on the lawn and was confused when the weather on television didn’t match the weather in real life, so maybe the Q-tip thing wasn’t so bad.

  19. I believe that man was probably neurodivergent haha

  20. Eight below, A Star is Born, My Sisters Keeper. All good movies. But I just can’t mentally handle movies that emotionally wreck me lol

  21. To be fair, I’m not anti-drugs or anything but I do think things are over prescribed, prescribed just to block symptoms and not address the problem, or people become too dependent on them. All of that to say, I take a prescription drug every single day because one of my organs doesn’t function lol.

  22. ... prescription drugs are made exactly for that purpose. Saying people are "dependent" on them doesn't make sense when they're intended to be taken every day to prevent whatever is going on from happening. If you're talking about muscle relaxers or something for years I can understand that, but at the end of the day the Dr can prescribe all they want it's the patients choice to take them or go to physical therapy or whatever.

  23. Well I think though that people DO become dependent and reliant especially if the prescription is addressing a problem that can have other solutions. For instance, metformin for those with pre-type 2 diabetes. You could take metformin and not address your diet or exercise, but combining the two could ultimately change EVERYTHING and possibly cause you to be able to come off the drug. Also, almost every drug has possible side effects so it’s really a give and a take sometimes. I don’t think humans were really meant to be on 6+ prescriptions long-term unless absolutely necessary.

  24. I honestly don’t think it’s a big deal at all

  25. Moving company came and packed everything, took about 2 months to get our stuff from point A to point B so plan in advance. Make sure your dogs go through the quarantine process and are 100% ready to fly. To me, the pet process was the most stressful. The one challenge was MOLD! If there’s anyway you can, pack anything fabric in those vacuum sealed bags, also make sure you get videos of all expensive gadgets working.

  26. Hi there. I’m from Hawai’i and I always let people know that affordable furniture options are pretty limited there. You may have already planned for this but just in case. There are fewer stores and many charge a premium to ship to HI.

  27. It’s the first year that is difficult depending on the branch. Once you get through it, it really does get easier. And baby leave is now 12 weeks for all branches!

  28. Probably not! Populations are on a decline! By the year 3000 it’s literally a straight drop on the graph!

  29. I’m not saying you’re wrong, but you just don’t see the bigger picture. All I’m trying to do is explain it to you.

  30. WHAT? Like obviously he’s committing Tax fraud and not paying the girls their correct portions. he legit admitted to it? But I’m not really sure why that’s the part we’re trying to focus on…? I don’t know how I need to “back up my claim” when he legit posted a video about all of this? You’re kinda hella weird…

  31. Since you clearly don’t understand what im getting at, I’ll do my best to dumb it down for you…

  32. I was diagnosed at 6 months postpartum. I told my doctor that it runs in my family and I really felt I needed to be tested for it. I had been UNBELIEVABLY sick since my daughter was born! I didn’t know what was normal postpartum because I was 1,000’s of miles from any family, and it was during COVID lockdown. I was so so exhausted, I remember taking my baby for a walk in her stroller and just thinking, “I could fall down and sleep on the sidewalk right now.” I wasn’t losing any weight postpartum and I just felt ill. Then to top it off the migraines started, now I sometimes do get hemiplegic migraines, I have since I was 13, but these were different! I got them everyday. So every day I was losing my vision and experiencing numbness and horrible headaches and all of this combined caused me to be horribly depressed and to feel like I couldn’t take care of my baby. I was very lucky and my husband was very lucky and was able to mostly stay home and care for me and baby. The day my doctor called me and said, “YOU WERE RIGHT!” Was one of the better days of my life! I had an answer! FINALLY!! She started me on Synthroid and within that month it was like the sky was opened for me, it took about another 7ish months for the dosage/brand to be correct and ever since then I have felt like how I used to feel! I lost weight! And my migraines mostly disappeared! (They do show up if my dosage is off) I’m currently pregnant with my 2nd baby and I feel EXTREMELY blessed that I now know what was wrong, that I can advocate for myself during this postpartum period and hopefully, I’ll be able to enjoy it all.

  33. Honestly it’s when they still text to gossip about old classmates Like, there’s a point where we are old enough to get on with our lives.

  34. All their favorite snacks and anything that they would regularly use from home.

  35. Clearly, you have not done much research on Jewish law at the time. Jesus could not have defended himself because his whole trial was done illegally. They broke so many rules arresting him, they WANTED HIM DEAD. They knew he was innocent, Pilot knew he was innocent too which is why he let the crowd choose who would be put to death and he was exasperated when they chose Jesus, “he washed his hands of it” because it’s what the people wanted.

  36. I know all that. I just don't understand why he didn't tell pilot that he was an innocent man being wrongfully arrested and tried?

  37. Because they already knew, they did break 18 mosaic laws to finally nab him, so he would be speaking to the wind. Christians also believe that Jesus was there to do a job, and his unfair persecution was part of that job. I wouldn’t say it was suicide at all, Jesus cried out for help from God when he was on the cross, he even called him “Abba” which essentially means like, “daddy” (which I’m sure someone will swoop on and make a joke about that) but it’s like how young children call their parents “mommy and daddy.” He was in pain and trying to do what he was supposed to do.

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